Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] cali_se! I hope it's been a beautiful and magical day!


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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] cali_se! I hope it's been a beautiful and magical day!

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( Nov. 10th, 2014 09:16 pm)
A very happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] lovethosehobbit from autumn at Greenbelt Lake.


I hope you have a lovely day to herald a lovely year, bb!!! It's time! *hugs*
Happy birthday, [personal profile] wordweaverlynn!!! I hope it is a day filled with love and all good things to open a wonderful year for you!

Late afternoon light on a summer's day down by Greenbelt Lake. Below the cut are some pics from last fall there . . .

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The wet weather brings out the the colors of tree bark and its residents--lichens, mosses, molds, and fungi. The live bark and fallen wood around here just blossomed with color during last month's rainy weather.

This is the bark of a tulip tree, along with its resident lichens and molds. The tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera) has the most intricate bark tread of any tree I know, and I find them quite majestic. Their bark is the really expensive brand name winter tire of trees. We have many tall old tulip trees around the lake. I even have a fine specimen standing right outside my apartment window. The old oaks, maples, and sycamores can't hold a candle to the intricacy of these bark patterns. Even the grand old elm tree by the lake with its beautifully venerable bark is outpaced. And yes, consider this a challenge: if you know of any tree with a more intricate bark tread, then please post pics--I would love to see them.

Tulip Tree Bark, Greenbelt Lake, 6-13
I like the composition of the first pic better, but this one is a better photo for clarity.

I will post lots more pics of tulip tree bark tread so you can get a better idea of just how intricate it can be, along with some other barkish beauties. I really do love me some fine tree bark quite a lot.
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( Jun. 29th, 2013 10:29 pm)
So there's this stripped-down, bark-less tree stump along the path around the lake which has wonderful patterns in it that I really like.

In the right light, it looks like spun silver. I took these shots in April.

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The Baltimore orioles returned to the lake two weeks ago. They come here in May, and I don't see as much of them the rest of the year once they've nested. I heard them twittering in the tall oak trees before I saw them, pieces of the sunset broken off and flung into the trees. Alas, I have no good pics of them yet, but I'll be posting below some not so great pics of some of the ones I saw when I first spotted them 2 years ago. I didn't spot any last year.

But first, here's a pic of one of the many cardinals we have around the lake this year:

A couple of weeks ago I saw a male and female pair nuzzling each other's beaks. It was the sweetest thing.

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. . . because we need the reminder. Here's some pics from down by the lake the weekend before last, as spring declared its commencement.

A very fluffy double daffodil ready for its close-up.

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( Mar. 31st, 2013 12:34 am)
We finally got full sunshine today, and the buds on the trees are starting to open, so it finally feels like the first day of spring. That helps. We're definitely 2 weeks behind on spring now, after winter coming over a month early, so it's been quite a slog this year.

The vet was supposed to call me today about a question I had concerning Saki's medicine dosage, and never did. This definitely isn't working out. I feel so let down by every end of the medical establishment at this point. Infrastructure? Just not working here. Surprised? No. I lost my dad to surgery and poor aftercare, so am familiar with this tune.

As I have a lot of hunting among reviews to do yet, and yelp.com hasn't worked out too well for me, I was wondering if any of you have used Angie's List and found it helpful? Have you found any other review source for veterinary, medical, and dental providers useful that you could suggest?


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Greenbelt Lake, 10-12
One great Blue Heron has been living on the lake since I came to this town 19 years ago. I don't know if this is the same one I've seen every year, but it just may be. I call hir Dinosaur and greet hir with this name whenever we meet. Another Great Blue visited with hir a couple of weeks ago, but I haven't seen the second one since, though ze might be around.
Since some of you were fond of the sugar maple pic from the day before last, here's another angle on it:


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( Mar. 25th, 2013 11:25 pm)
And Happy Tolkien Reading Day, which I am participating in by reciting my part in the [livejournal.com profile] read_lotr_aloud project community after I post this entry. All my readings can be found at [livejournal.com profile] bbolger_baggins. One day I hope to sit down and listen to everyone's readings. And it is an especially good day to post pics of trees in JRRT's honor. From last October:

Greenbelt Lake, 10-12

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. . . until Spring gives us something worth reflecting upon . . .



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. . . until Spring gives us something worth reflecting upon . . .



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. . . until you decide to stop playing games with us. Here's some more pictures of our good friend, lovely Autumn. Isn't Autumn beautiful?


More pics of a praiseworthy season below . . . )
Greenbelt Lake 10-12

So here is a serene reflection in the lake from last October to keep us from going stark raving mad as we wait for spring to decide to settle in.

Sunken gold beneath a silvery sheet . . . )
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This is a pic from late summer by the lake, 2 years ago. Gnarled and mossy oak boles are always full of magic. Clover and ivy just add to it.

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More pics of the lake from last October . . . we're getting to the good stuff now . . .


The trees ablaze . . . )
Saki lost another half pound over the week, so I'm still fretting. However, she's gotten her appetite back the last 2 days and gained back an ounce, so I'm hoping we've turned the corner. I'm not sure how much her appetite has improved or if it's just that I tried her on Basic Instinct's lamb for the first time, and she loves it. I've been giving her other flavors of Basic Instinct's grain-free food, but this was a real hit. Yay for that working for her!

I talked to T today. Ms. Brigit is doing fine. She is still glued to her BFF, Ms. Socks, following her everywhere, and guarding her from all comers. She occasionally comes up on the porch or to the backdoor at night when Socks leads her there for treats. But they're still spending their days out in the woods together. T says she's seen some of the cats fish in the stream back there, catching fish with their paws.

T is still determined to put Socks to work as a social facilitator kitty next time she gets another feral who needs acclimating. She says she'll put Brigit in the shed with them. So Brigit will have a job maybe before I manage to get one! I'm very glad T does not have the heart to separate them, but I'm skeptical about how this will work out. I'm kind of doubting Brigit has a knack for social facilitation: "I'm Brigit. Welcome to the cat sanctuary. HISSSSSSS! And don't even think of touching my grrlfriend over there. HISSSSSSSSSSSS! Comfortable yet? Don't come near me! HISSSSSS!" But maybe my girl will shed her surliness and step up to the plate and do us proud. Not holding my breath. I can't wait to hear how it goes. :-P

Greenbelt Lake 10-13
Here is another pic of Greenbelt Lake from last October.

Lots of colors here . . . )
. . . still from before the show got really good. And keep in mind, this was not fixing to be that great an autumn, even if it didn't get cut short by Hurricane Sandy. Due to summer drought, many of the leaves just browned out. The colors were not as bright in 2012 as in some years, and a lot of the colors in my pics are from the late afternoon sun shining through the leaves, making them glow brighter. Still, some of the trees overhanging the lake with their roots in the water just ignored the drought the other trees were complaining about, and I've focused on those lucky sprouts. I sharpen and saturate the pics slightly, besides blurring the corners, but no more than I think brings them closer to my eyes' experience. Climate contextualizing disclaimer over and out. (-:


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( Mar. 11th, 2013 11:08 pm)
Saki's appetite has been better today, so I'm feeling a little reassured. Her appetite is much bigger, though, than her desire to eat what is before her. She keeps eagerly urging me to feed her, but then eats much less than normal, so getting her weight back up is going to be a slow slog.

Here's some pics of the lake from last September:


Down by the lake at Summer's ending . . . )
I'm starting to feel better today, so the antibiotic ear drops are doing their job. Tomorrow everything should be covered in white--forecasters have just upped the number of inches we should expect, so it's definitely coming. It might be a good day to bake, if the power holds.

The pics below are from around the lake last October, before Hurricane Sandy yanked all our colors away. So here is a memory of bright colors to contemplate on a snow blown day:

10-12 Fall colors

Follow the memory of falling leaves . . . )
These pics are for dear [personal profile] spiralsheep, fungi aficionada. This assortment of fungi were attached to a couple of downed tree sections along the path. They swelled with color after a rain in early October. The first here make me think of pancakes.


The fungus never ends under the cut . . . )
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( Nov. 27th, 2012 09:51 pm)

More early October pics from around the lake. In the path pics here, the leaves that were turning were not that bright in themselves, but were set on fire by the setting sun. I cropped about a third of the right side off of this first pic because that part was washed out by the sunlight over the water. I like how the walker's blue shirt gives just the right touch of color. I've been blurring the corners of most of these pics because it gives a greater depth of field in the center and gives that touch of misty enchantment.
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I want to belatedly wish a happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] cali_se across the sea with some of the autumn colors around Greenbelt Lake in October before Hurricane Sandy cut them short. They were a bit subdued this year due to our summer drought, but still lovely when they caught the late afternoon light. I hope you had a lovely day.

Some more below the cut . . . )
A very happy birthday to the lovely [livejournal.com profile] lovethosehobbit! Come on for a walk around Greenbelt Lake . . .


This is how it looked a month ago when the trees were just beginning to put on their autumn finery. We had a brief autumn this year, cut short by the drought that browned out most leaves early, and ended abruptly by Hurricane Sandy and its tryst with the cold front that plunged us into an early winter. Normally, the leaves would be past peak right now, but there would still be many trees doing their own dances of bright color to prolong the loveliness past mid November, but the trees are uncharacteristically mostly bare now. Still, we had a lot of sunshine in October that made the few trees doing their dances of color shine with a subtler beauty, especially in the late afternoon light. So we'll continue around part of the lake below.

Come walk around the lake . . . )
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( Aug. 26th, 2011 12:44 am)

This Ent, who I met at the Cascade Falls Trail in Patapsco River Valley Park, would like to wish [personal profile] saraqael a very happy birthday!!!! The Ent also tells you not to worry about hasty little things like earthquakes and hurricanes which he plans to nap through.
I've been getting through this heat wave by living nocturnally and staying in, only going out after sunset to feed the stray kitties (poor things in this heat) and get supplies. So these pics are a reminder of the good green world I hope to return to. (-; Tomorrow for a few days it will only be going up to the lower 90's for a breather (yeah, it's all perspective) and I will venture out into the daylight again. But in the meantime, I will continue to bring you the cool fresh air of this forest stream trail at Patapsco Valley Park.

I'm sorry for being so behind on replying to comments and commenting on entries! I'm still eager to continue the discussions on my LotR EE entries and will be back there. But I want to make sure I get more of this pretty trail to you during this heat wave some of us are experiencing. And hopefully the green is a soothing reminder for my winter-bound friends Down Under.

So here is another pic of one of my favorite things: clear stream running icily beneath lush ferns and moss. Please click on the pic to see it better.

Here's a question for LJ experts: I want to post these pics here at the same size they appear when you click through to the pic on my LJ scrapbook, which is double the size of what I'm posting here, so that you don't have to click through. However, when I do re-size them in the url for the entry, they come out fuzzier in my entry than they are on the scrapbook page you click to, even though the pics are the same size. Do you know how I can fix that so that I can post the pics clearly on my entries at the size they appear when you click through to the scrapbook? The LJ FAQ was no help to me at all. Thanks!

Come along this woodland trail where you can feel the breath of the trees on your skin . . . )
I still hope to share with you pretty pics from my trip to NC at the end of March, and the beauty of the lake here I got to enjoy from April through June. Of late the foliage around the lake has been quite parched, and I didn't even venture out there in the severe heat of this week. The parks service trims back the lushness of the foliage around the lake at the beginning of July each year before the fireworks, but this year they gave it such a severe crew cut, and with this drought, I have doubts the lushness will come back by September. So it's been a little depressing to walk around this month. I've had a hungering to see some moving water and get to the beach, but I've been holding off on that 2 1/2 hour drive with hopes the gas prices will drop at some point. But google was my friend, and I found that not more than a 30 minute drive away there was a park with waterfalls I had not been to yet.

Last Sunday I headed out there and I'm still on a happy from that hike. So here's a little late offering for Froday, as I think these are the kinds of woods and little rivers Master Baggins would enjoy roaming about. I'm in love with my little corner of the world again.

As this was a scouting mission, I did not bring the hobbit dolls, but they'll be coming next time, because what a place full of tree boles for a hobbit to hide under from Black Riders, and waterfalls to hike past crossing the Shire, and ferns and mosses, boulders, and of course mushrooms!!! Patapsco Valley State Park runs just south west of Baltimore and Cascade Falls is in the southernmost part, and here's what I saw--please click on the pics to embiggen.

Come along on a little forest hike through grand old trees and along the stream, over boulders and down to the falls . . . )

Happy Hobbity Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] honeyandvinegar!!!! Here's a pic of the DC cherry blossoms I got last week before they were all open to help you celebrate!!!
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( Feb. 10th, 2010 11:47 pm)
Here are pics from Sunday morning after the first blizzard, back when I could say the word snow without including expletives.

So here's some fucking snow. Goddamn snow. Pretty in the trees, but on the street there are towering gray piles that will be taking up residence here until Memorial Day. Out on the street the last couple of days, it felt like being at the bottom of a lunar trench looking up, trying to catch a glimpse of the sky. OK, not quite, but you know, it kind of sucked. It's hard to maintain that childhood sense of glee for mountains of snow after you've been shoveling for days and driving on slick roads with obstructed vision at many intersections. Yes, I'm whining. Deal. :-P
So here's your f5%bu@#hS snow. Hope you like it. )
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( Feb. 7th, 2010 12:27 am)

Sunset at blizzard's end. We got around 2 1/2 feet. But with the plowed piles as high as me, this snow will be staying around a long time.
Snow everywhere forever . . . )
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( Feb. 5th, 2010 11:40 pm)
The woods are lovely, dark and deep . . .

These are the woods beside my building at 9 pm this evening. The snow and pinkish white sky keep the dark at bay on a blustery night.

It started snowing around noon, but not really sticking until 4 pm. I got off work early, met Ostra hanging out around my car in the garage and fed her some tartar treats, then drove out to the Amish market in Annapolis and got some yummies for the snowed in weekend. The drive back from Annapolis was stunning, as the trees and grass were just starting to hold the snow, but the roads were fine. When I went out to clear my car around 8 pm, my car already had 4 or 5 inches on it. We're getting a minimum of 2 feet of snow, and maybe 3 before it ends tomorrow night. I've got purring furry ballast bags strapped to either side of me, so I'm snug for riding it out.
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( Jan. 12th, 2010 10:24 pm)
Am tired, so I'll let more pics from Friday say my greetings to ya'll today. Hope you enjoy!

Click for more sun-burnished snow )
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( Dec. 30th, 2009 10:54 pm)

Here's a patchwork quilt of bright colors in the narrowing light of twilight, sans sparkle vampires 'cause this be hobbit country, a well garlicked place.
Follow the fading light . . . )

Here are more pics where the reflections double the fun. I probably wouldn't have gotten these if my camera didn't have such a great low light setting. It's so cold here today with high winds, I was cold at work for once, but right now I got a Saki cuddling against me with her head tucked in against my leg, and a Moo is curled up at my feet.
Follow the last burst of color as the light fades . . . )


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