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lavendertook: (bingo, bingo&sam, f/s, LGBTIQH, together)

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Created on 2009-04-19 15:58:57 (#99108), last updated 2019-04-20 (2 days ago)

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Birthdate:Mar 18
Location:Maryland, United States of America
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action figures, alexander borodin, alexander pope, amber benson, armistad maupin, beachcombing, beatles, billie holiday, bingo baggins, bingo bolger-baggins, broadside ballads, buzzcocks, calligraphy, candles, cat, caterpillars, cats, celtic music, child ballads, chocolate, connie willis, cris williamson, dante gabriel rossetti, dollar stores, drawing, dressing up, early modern, early modern england, early modern women writers, elanor gamgee, epic poetry, epic romances, fanfiction, fantastic realism, fantasy, fatses, feminism, feminisms, flowers, flowing skirts, folklore, forest paths, forests, fotr, fred astaire, frodo, frodo and sam, frodo baggins, fyoder dostoyevsky, gabrielle, gauche, ginger rogers, gold leaf, history of middle earth, hobbit, hobbitry, hobbits, hobbitses, homoerotic subtext, hudson leick, hugs, idealistic politics, illuminated manuscripts, indigo girls, james morrow, joan jett, john donne, john waterhouse, jrr tolkien, judy garland, kate bush, katherine hepburn, katherine philips, kimba, koalas, lady bashful, lesbians, lord of the rings, lotr, margaret cavendish, mary wollenstonecraft, mary wroth, mermaids, mespt, michelangelo, middle-earth sockpuppet theater, muses, musicals, my cat, naked in mordor game, oceans, octavia butler, pastel pencils, paulina galvez, pentangle, pirates, pizza, purple, queer, queer studies, raspberries, remedios varo, renaissance lit, research, rimsky-korsakov, robin hood, rockabilly, rollercoasters, rotk, san francisco, sca, scholarship, science fiction, scots, sea shells, sf&fantasy, shell collecting, shiny pretty things, siamese cats, silly wizard, slash, sockpuppets, sofanisba anguissola, speculative fiction, star wars, streams, sushi, susie bright, swimming, tara, tarot, the great escape, the mespt, thriftshopping, tolkien, toni morrison, ttt, ursula k le guin, waterfalls, william blake, william morris, william shakespeare, willow, willow/tara, women, women writers, writing, xenite reprobates, zinnias, zora neal hurston
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