A lot of annoying times for me these past 3 weeks, in addition to the upsetting world angst. Nothing life shattering for me--I'm just bent out of shape like it was--shape up self! Car repairs that took 2 days and resulted in having to replace the radiator and fan assembly. At the same time, I had a maintenance person in for 2 days working on the drip that had become a stream from my bathtub faucet and had to keep calling on him when the first days work resulted in not all the water going up to the shower head when switched, until he came up with a makeshift solution, which I hope holds.

Then the next week my bedroom ac stopped working. That took a week and a lot of calling, waiting for contractors who did not show up, hot nights, then the maintenance man making my sunroom into a mess when he brought in a portable ac. It was finally fixed Tuesday.

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Last Sunday I drove up to New Jersey to meet my friend [livejournal.com profile] lbilover at the Franklin Preserve State Park in the Pine Barrens. It was a long drive and totally worth it for her warm and comfortable company, along with the company of her sweet deerhound Gandy, the adventuresome Pippin, who I was very glad to get to see again, and the silky Clementine who joyed to show us the meaning of haste, and for the beauty of the pines. I sure miss living in an area well covered in evergreens, like there was in Carrboro, NC. Our hobbit dolls were also happy to see each other again. It was a gorgeous cool, sunny day, perfect for a 3 hour hike.

I tried to get a pic of [livejournal.com profile] lbilover with her whole pup family, but , being very busy pups, they were impatient with the whole process. Gandy here is blocking Clem and giggling about it, too.

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Here's some more pics from the scenic tour [personal profile] hanarobi wonderfully took [personal profile] shirebound, [livejournal.com profile] mirabile_dictu, and me on to Laramie. All of these pics are still on the Colorado side of the border. Eath and sky are large here.

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( Jan. 1st, 2015 09:24 pm)
Happy New Year, my friends!!!


Today, I started the new year off right and went on a day hike with an lgbt hiking group from Riverbend Park, VA down to Great Falls on the Potomac River, pictured above. So beautiful. It was 5 or 6 miles and my knee is feeling it, but it was a beautiful day for it. I've been wanting to go on a hike with this group for a while, but they're usually longer and more challenging than I can yet handle. This was about my limit for now. There was a slight ocean scent on the breeze off the river--I never made it to the beach last year, so that was a very welcome scent.

Last night, I went over to [personal profile] synecdochic and [personal profile] sarah's party. We watched a vid of Into the Woods with Bernadette Peters, ate the wonderful foods, including buttery choco chip cookies they made, I met the famous Ginnycat,, and had a really wonderful time, but left before midnight, because I was up at 5:30 am.

So I've been more social this new year's than I've been in many months. I'm very glad I got out last night and today. This has been fun. Much cleaning, chores, and finishing of getting cards out the next 3 days. Of course, there will be walks, a swim, much cat hugging, and perhaps another BoFA viewing, if I can fit it in. Then the first day of my new job on Monday.

I am surrounded by snoring cats, and the sleep waves are heavy in the air . . .


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