I couldn't do a memorial post to Carrie Fisher earlier this week due to LJ shenanigans and I'm still feeling the need, so here it is. I'm just so sad to see her go so young with so much left to write and act and enjoy. Besides looking forward to seeing her play General Leia some more, and I know we already have her filmed for the next film, I read The Guardian newspaper and was looking forward to seeing her agony aunt column. Looking through pics of her, it really looked like she was becoming more and more comfortable with herself over the last few years and I wish she got to enjoy more of the fruits of her long, hard slog through mental illness to come into her own.


I came to take for granted what her iconic role as Princess Leia meant to me back when I was 15, as for so many young women of my generation.


Lookism. So much is made of the cinnamon buns (that I liked) and the slave girl outfit (that I loathed to see her in, but it was cool to see her kill her oppressor in it all the same), but I loved this cool and very functional outfit we did not see women in sf and fantasy roles in at that time. She looked comfortable and so much more gorgeous in it. I'd always think in homage of her when I'd wear white jackets and my hair up braided like that when I was a young woman.

And I really loved seeing General Leia last year, who kind of looks like she could be sisters with Capt. Janeway.

I'm hoping Ms. Fisher enjoyed playing the General more than she enjoyed playing the Princess and enjoyed wearing that role in the short time she had left. Once again, it helps us older women and everyone to see the strength that she shows us to have.

I was raised on musicals by my Mom, so was familiar with Debbie Reynolds before I first saw Ms. Fisher as Princess Leia. Singing in the Rain was one of my Mom's favorites and I have always and will always hear Debbie Reynold's voice singing Good Morning in my head. I am so sorry she saw her daughter die before her, and I suppose Death was kind in taking her so quickly after. So very sad. But I love [personal profile] baranduin's ficlet about them:


It must be channeling Ms. Fisher because other writer's have come up with similar lines.

I'm very glad for them that they overcame their period of estrangement to form a tight bond and were able to share so much love in their lives. Thinking of that makes their leaving the world together maybe not so bad.

They are sweet together here. And now they're playing Debbie Reynold's singing on NPR. (-:

I'm sorry people gave her a hard time about aging--predictable idiots. And she looks so gorgeous here.


And most importantly, she was a writer--the career she chose rather than the family career she fell into. I had not paid attention to her work, but like so many others, I will be downloading her work to read in 2017. Thank you for all your inspiring writing, acting, advocating on mental health, and being our Rebel Leader on screen and off. Farewell Ms. Fisher.

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"I came to take for granted what her iconic role as Princess Leia meant to me back when I was 15"

Me too. So many battles we women had thought we'd won back then. I miss both of them. They were awesome women. Thanks for the tribute.


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