I couldn't do a memorial post to Carrie Fisher earlier this week due to LJ shenanigans and I'm still feeling the need, so here it is. I'm just so sad to see her go so young with so much left to write and act and enjoy. Besides looking forward to seeing her play General Leia some more, and I know we already have her filmed for the next film, I read The Guardian newspaper and was looking forward to seeing her agony aunt column. Looking through pics of her, it really looked like she was becoming more and more comfortable with herself over the last few years and I wish she got to enjoy more of the fruits of her long, hard slog through mental illness to come into her own.


I came to take for granted what her iconic role as Princess Leia meant to me back when I was 15, as for so many young women of my generation.

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I saw TFA yesterday.  Mixed review. I was a teenage Star Wars fan, the same time I was falling in love with LotR. Loved the first movie, was mixed on the next 2--did not like the prequels--I think I saw the 2nd prequel but not the third. I just wasn't interested in the making of a psychokiller.

So, I liked much of TFA, but I didn't love it. I had problems with some of the story and depictions of violence.



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