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( Feb. 15th, 2017 08:05 pm)
I was supposed to go into HQ today, but I came down with a bug last night, so fed the cats in the morning, called my supervisor, and slept until early afternoon. Then I teleworked for a few hours with my organic space heater Tuxie scrunched next to me on the couch, and Moo not far away. I've been getting sick a lot the last several weeks with weakness, aches, and runny nose, but this one comes with a low fever and chills, just to be extra-special. Being able to telework and kitties make it better, though. I cancelled my breast MRI appt for tomorrow and rescheduled it for next week--good plan since my fever has been inching up a little all day. I plan to sleep a little later tomorrow and then telework, depending on what the fever decides to do.

Everyday the news is filled with new horrors. The road to impeaching Buttercup is opening up, but what will come behind him isn't any better--it's whether you want your horrors chaotically broadcasted, or slower, quieter horrors.

There have been ICE raids in Highlandtown, Baltimore--the agents wear jackets saying police, which is so misleading--and there was a big protest on Sunday, but I wasn't up to going,and probably won't be up for the ones coming up. But as my friend P says, this is a marathon, not a sprint, so there will, unfortunately, be plenty more opportunities to help, and every week is a good week to call one's legislators (unless you live in DC and don't get any representation, so you are pretty screwed). My state is kind of awesome. Go Attorney General Frosh! Go Maryland!

Sorry I haven't been posting much--I want to post more pics, but most of what I have to say lately isn't uplifting. Except for my fluffy cats! Go cats!
Last Monday, a drizzly day much like this Monday, I was walking around the lake when I looked down and saw, in the middle of the path right before my feet, a little baby turtle about the size of a quarter:

One turtle to rule them all. Not a good place for a little thing to be with lots of walkers, bikes, and dogs, so I took the liberty of picking the little thing up to relocate.

Why did the baby turtle cross the road . . . )
Last month, I worked in Baltimore. Here's the view of the Inner Harbor from a conference room on the 10th floor:

Baltimore 4-13
Here are the Harbor Pavilion Shops, The USS Constellation, and Federal Hill Park. Nope, I did not have such a view from my office, which had no window, but was still very nice and quiet to work in.

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After last night's downpour, the daffodils started to open around the lake today. \o/

I have a job interview on Thursday at a place that I'm hoping allows telecommuting, because it's a very long commute. First interview of the month. The recruiters had been very quiet with the sequester the last few weeks, but I'm starting to get more bites again.

Greenbelt Lake companion animal report: A couple of days ago when I was walking around the lake, I met a woman carrying a sweet black bunny. I didn't ask if she was taking her from one place to another or just taking her for a walk around the lake. Yesterday I saw a woman walking 2 sweet, unobtrusive little dogs that immediately made me think of [personal profile] shirebound's Pippin with their little folded-over ears and crescent moon tails, though they had shorter legs--one was cream and the other a reddish gold. I asked their human what they were and she just said they were mutts. Then she added that she found them in a bag along the side of the road, and that made me think of [personal profile] ithiliana's latest household additions, of about the same size and cuteness. So sad and anger-making, but so glad they had a happy ending, too.

And speaking of anger-making, fuck you Paul Ryan and all your Repugs who won't stop wasting everyone's time with your constant rehashing and your jackboots on the throats of the poor.

Calm now. Here's some more pics from around the lake last autumn:

Greenbelt Lake 9-12

There be water and flame herein . . . )
I have another job interview tomorrow afternoon, and this feels like it could be a really good one. Please cross your fingers for me.

Also, I saw Verid and PR Officer--I'll call him "Pro" from here on out--late this afternoon during the first couple of hours of sunshine all week. Only two monarchs around the lake down in a patch of wildflowers, and a male and female. When I first saw the girl she made a bunch of circles around me, so I'm thinking it really is Verid and she recognized my scent, and maybe was trying to determine if this was the same human. (-; And that probably really was them in the misadventure on Sunday. I got some nice pics of them and I'll post them when I have some time.
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( Mar. 8th, 2011 09:51 pm)
Wonton soup, fried rice, and spare ribs hit the spot so well tonight after yesterday's fasting. I got hit with some awful bug, or maybe food poisoning--fever, chills, throwing up, the works--on Thursday. I thought it had lifted Saturday morning only to have it come back with a vengeance that evening, and Sunday, not sure what was going on, but sure my digestive track still wasn't working right, and I wasn't ready for a job interview Monday. So I rescheduled for Wed, fasted all yesterday--the biologic equivalent of pressing the off button to reset this whole damn errant machine, and it seems to have worked and I'm better today. Yay!!! Saki and Tuxie took good care of me all the time I was abed sick--Saki holding my head with velvet paws and a musical rumble, and Tuxie tucked in my arms against my chest and tummy.

So another editing job interview tomorrow-- wish me luck!
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( Feb. 8th, 2011 12:48 am)
I have a job interview late tomorrow morning. It's for an editing position less than a 10 minute drive from where I live. Please wish me luck! (-:


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