Happy belated Birthday to [profile] ibilover!!! Here is your promised spam. A collection of some of the fauna I saw this year around Greenbelt Lake:

A pair of wood ducks in the early spring.

Wood duck mom and ducklings in summer.

Mallard couple having a conversation.

A flycatcher otherwise known as a phoebe.

. . . as in "a quizzical look" . . .

Cardinal decides and away he goes.

Gray squirrel rampant. "Where's Rocky?"

Gray squirrel recumbent.

Sunbathing red eared slider. "Where's Fred?"

Painted turtle/slider perhaps? I'm not sure. Her shell was a good 10" - 12". I think she was digging a hole to lay eggs. Much too exposed a spot. I hope she made out OK.

Ready for her close-up. "Damned paparazzi!"

Big ole snapper.

Snapper arises form their prehistoric depths.

We be 3 sliders hanging out. Make a move toward us and "whoosh!" we're gone.

Great Egret surveying their domain.

And we interrupt this tour around Greenbelt Lake for a pic from Bohemian Weasel for the Frodo/Sam win!

I hope you had an excellent birthday adventure along the overway in NYC and have a great birthday weekend! *hugs*
zlabya: Ono from Antique Bakery manga, scared, with text "Nooooo, it's Fangirls!!" (OnoNooooFangirls)

From: [personal profile] zlabya

Also wishing lbilover a Happy Birthday!

Enjoying your nature photos as much as I would cake (and no calories!!) Wow, that's a big snapping turtle! Love the birds. I hear phoebes once in a while but rarely see them.
lbilover: (Default)

From: [personal profile] lbilover

Thank you for the Happy Birthday wishes!! <3
lbilover: (wood duck)

From: [personal profile] lbilover

Your lake rules! Such great fauna hang out there and they are such cooperative subjects. I especially love the Recumbent Squirrel. What a hoot! He looks like he was out partying a little too hardy the previous night. ;-) And some lovely BW Frodo/Sam, too! Perfect. Thank you so much, Carole!! *squishes* I just enjoyed a wonderful visit from Shirebound, Shiremom and ShirePip. A perfect way to end my vacation!


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