Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] ancalime8301!!!!

I don't know if you got out to Annapolis often, but here's a pic I took at the docks when I was down there for the Women's march the other week:


I know you're having to do a lot of traveling this year so I'm wishing you smooth sailing in getting through it all to some relaxing times, dear friend, and that you take some of that time when you need it. Maia and Hana will show you how because cats are experts in that. (-: *hugs*
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OT - your photo was a blast from the past for me! I did my freshman year of undergrad at St. John's in Annapolis, and worked at the college boathouse there. Getting paid to bother my friends into going out sailing was a pretty sweet gig tbh :) That's a lovely craft pictured.


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