I went to the Women's March in Annapolis, MD today. Annapolis is the state capital situated on the Chesapeake Bay. There were also marches in Maryland today in Baltimore, Frederick, and Ocean City. They only announced the Annapolis March last week, so it was impressive that we had 1,600 people attending our wee march.


People gathered at the City Dock at 11am. At about 11:15 we started marching across Market Square by the docks and then up West St to the State Building where we had a short rally. I couldn't hear or see the speakers. It all ended before 1 pm. Along the way I heard someone along the side complaining about us and then her companion next to her say, "Now you know if things were reversed, you'd be marching . . ." (-:


There were plenty of good posters.


And plenty of pink knit hats, many being pussy hats.


It could definitely have been more racially diverse--it was probably 80-90% white, probably 70% women to 30% men, but very diverse age wise, with lots of very adorable kids.


And quite a few adorable doggies. The cats being happy to NOT be represented.


And most importantly, there was an awful lot of purple, much to my delight. This march encouraged us to wear purple to represent blue and red together. I didn't like how the organizers of the movement were trying to de-emphasize the march as being anti-Trump--and fortunately the protesters worldwide didn't listen to them today--but I like the encouraging of welcoming red and blue together, even if purple wasn't my favorite color, which it most definitely is, and I, of course, had no trouble representing.


I'm so glad the DC march was so huge, and that so many marches were huge worldwide. Go Antarctica protestors! But I'm also glad I had this smaller march to participate in. I wandered about Annapolis afterwards and then did some shopping on my way home, so by the time I was coming home around 7pm, the intersection of interstate 95 and the BW Parkway was a bit jammed, and many of the vehicles on the slowed BW Parkway were buses heading north. I only had a short turn on the Parkway and smiled to run into so many going home from the DC march. It was a great day, and I hope to post more pics of the march and rally I attended, but for now I'll leave you here by the docks, looking out upon the mist over the bay, and wish you goodnight and sweet dreams. <3

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So happy you went and that so many were there! I followed it to see how many there were in various cities. I think world wide there were 673 marches. I'm dying to know the total estimated number participants. The important thing is that you and others now know you are not alone, that there a millions of others who feel the same way and have the same concerns.

I went to Annapolis in 1997 when I visited DC on vacation. What a wonderful place it is.

Of course, this is only the beginning....
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