Happy Birthday to Professor Tolkien! Thank you for the worlds you created that we love to dream and play in. In his honor, I bring you some tree spam.

First, a mallorn:
Pics of a beech from November. The Professor would be happy to know this beech is in the woods behind the Catholic church on my way down to the lake.

Another beech close by the first.

It was a crystal clear autumn day of bluest skies to set off the beeches' golds best.

And the following pics are all from 2013, when I was doing a lot of studying of the beauty of bark and the lichens that love them. I could do posts and posts of bark spam.

My beloved tulip poplar trees with their most intricate basketweave bark and some pretty lichens.

Such a wonderful tread on tulip poplars.

Tulip poplar.

Tulip poplar.

That tree bole I'm very fond of in that area of the woods by the lake that becomes pure magic during autumn sunset. It's leafless, and I forget what it's friend next to it is--I think an oak.

Look at the blues and greens and reds in the lichens and molds on this grand old beloved elm.

Such fine colors when this elm's wood is wet.

Pulling back so you can see more of this elm. They've since put up poles to help support it's heavy, fragile branches. Those of you who have been around the lake with me share my vision of Frodo sitting in that elm--how tempting it looks to climb.

Here's some wonderful black locust bark adorned with moss. Not quite as intricate a tread as the tulip poplar's but a looser and deeper weave.

Here's mossy white pine bark--such a rich variety of browns in its scales.

A barkless tree stump several feet high in the woods behind my apartment building, lichen or fungus stained with such fine pastels.

If you're with me still, I think the Professor would be pleased we have been studying trees together in his honor. (-:


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