Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect

What the cast of Hamilton said to Pence last night was fabulous and well done and beautiful, and all over the front pages of all the news outlets, but why, oh why has mention of the fact that our President Elect just paid a settlement of $25 million for fraud and stealing millions from hopeful US victims already disappeared from the front page and headlines of the Washington Post?

PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP COMMITTED FRAUD. FRAUDSTER ELECT TRUMP. His lawyer's spin that he would have won if he fought it is bogus--a settlement is acceptance that he is guilty as charged.

We must not allow the facts to be buried, and this one needs to be highlighted as his conflict of interests are investigated and he tries to take the US and the whole world for a ride.

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Oh wow. Nice redirect, Cheeto in Chief!

*makes a note of this*

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Great name! (-:

We must note We See What You Did There! for people who don't and pass the word as much as we can when the important facts are buried under.

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Why indeed. It feels exhausting to try to shed light on all the corruption that is Donald Trump. The media corps are owned by same folks that (willingly) ignored his foundation while highlighting the Clinton foundation. We won't see many honest posts about Trump, it seems like starting now. No newspaper will publish honestly unless its buried on page 11 or something. Already those that want to curry favor with Trump are staying at his overpriced hotel, paying exorbitant prices for his goods and enriching him. THAT should be on every front page. Sigh...

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It is exhausting, and that's the conman's trick--keep us flooded with misdirecting acts while his other his other hand is in your pocket. The NYT has kept the article on front, as has the Guardian, but CNN and the WaPo have pushed it under. Keep clicking on the article if you want them to know it is generating interest--it could catch their attention--they pay attention to what gets clicks. And they do have a good article on Bannon's wealthy ties and the other appointments and what you're saying about the use of Trump's hotel and the conflict of interest and I hope they keep beating the drum on that. I want to keep pushing the WaPo to do good work--it does at times. We have to push them. It matters.
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This is exactly why Bannon is such a dangerous person to be in the position he will have. He and his ilk are expert at manipulating the media. Distract and conquer. It sure worked for them in the election.

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Yes, he's good at this, but he also reveals things he'd be better off keeping his mouth shut about so people note his cleverness, like all bit villains. The clash of egos in Trump's Barad-dur must be deafening. Keep clicking on the articles that matter--I'm clicking the article over and over--the papers note this, and if you all do too, it could help. We have to push them to do good work. And we have to bear witness and say We See What You Did There and pass it on for the people who didn't see it.
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Except that I don't think Bannon is a bit villain and to underestimate the damage he and the others can do is a huge mistake.

I agree that we must support the legitimate media, not just with clicks but $$$. I read that subscriptions to the NYT and WaPo went way up after the election and that is a good sign.

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I was saying that after reading an interview where he thinks he's Darth Vadar and Satan. I agree it's important to not underestimate him, but it's also important not to overestimate him. He's very clever--he's also arrogant and drunk with power and saying stupid shit that can undermine him. He's not going to get along well with many factions of the Republican establishment, and they have power and they don't like sharing either. He can be defeated; we just have to pay attention and help our representatives stay on their toes. I'm going to try to post some quotes from interviews of him tonight.

I totally agree.. And that is a very good sign--along with the huge jump in ACLU memberships. Also, that HRC won the popular vote, too. (-:
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It's very important to get the truth out there because pretty soon the media won't have any power to expose anything other than lies.

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In the age of social media, they can't silence us all--too big a job of whack a mole. We need to click on the articles that matter--the papers pay attention to this. I keep clicking on this one, and if we all keep clicking on this one linked above it could help. We have to all work to keep our big regional papers accountable. The WaPo is my job to work on. I guess yours is the Chicago Tribune, right? I need to make time to pay attention to Fox News more--they did report it on the very very bottom of their page.


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