From a great snarky op-ed in the Washington Post about Steve Bannon by Alexandra Petri:

I have no doubt that a real racist sexist chauvinist white supremacist will be easy to spot. “I am coming for minorities now,” he will say. “I am an actual racist. I am, literally, Hitler, or at the very least Goebbels.”

Read the whole piece here. It's fun and thinky. And no, no giving him a chance--he's made himself perfectly clear already where he stands and it's hateful and a danger to democracy.

I called my Congresspeople, Senator Barbara Mikulski and Rep Steny Hoyer today to ask them to protest the appointment of Steve Bannon, that he has every right to publish alt-right screeds, but I do not want him in my government and how frightened to the core his being there makes me. As [ profile] lbilover said we cannot allow them to normalize what Trump is doing, let alone white supremacists and neo-nazis as viable representatives of our democracy.

If you are feeling as anxious as me, please call your Congresspeople:

Thanks to [personal profile] rydra_wong for the quick links and she has many more good links on why it is better to call than email our Congresspeople or sign petitions, why it is better to call them at their state offices rather than the above linked DC offices, and script ideas in her post here. But just stick to calling the DC offices if doing the extra work to get the state offices will delay you or use up more spoons than you have.

Funding suggestions if you can spare it:

Good organizations to contribute to for protecting all of us and especially our most vulnerable and immediately threatened Dreamer kids and Muslim Americans are the ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, and the Anti-Defamation League.

And since I've been seeing sexist arguments on the left that it's too risky now to run a woman for president in the immediate future, block that noise and if you have more funds, contribute to Emily's List. Since Christian extremists have long been normalized in US government and are now in control, Planned Parenthood needs funds now more than ever.

Feel free to post other suggestions in comments.

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Another place to donate is the Natural Resources Defense Council as you know there will be massive attacks on environmental regulations/laws/treaties.

I love that article by Alexandra Petri. We absolutely cannot give him a chance. We need to be part of the resistance that Keith Olbermann is talking about.

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Thank you, bb! That was just the sort of advice I was hoping to get--I am ignorant on what are the best places to contribute to for work on climate change legislation. The big environmental organizations I know of are World Wildlife Fund and Sierra Club, and I really don't know how good they are on what we need to protect the environment.

Viva la Resistance!

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Great post! I'm so happy to see you are active! I think that is the right thing to do!

We will be having our own elections next year and I've already promised myself and will get on everyone's nerves to make sure they all go and vote.


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