There are so many horrible and deplorable white people and misogynists in this country and they won last night.

And let's not fall for the classist narrative that a lot of the press is upholding. Do not ignore that statistics show that the backbone of Trump's support is the same as Republicans have always had--wealthy people of varying education levels, mostly white men and the women who love and are related to them, and their only concern is to not pay taxes. They do not care who gets thrown under the bus as long as they keep all their stuff. They are supported by poor white people who hope to be them one day, but they are not the backbone--the wealthy and well off are and they are very quiet about what they are doing. They do not attend political rallies--they make phone calls and transfer money.

We have to go on and look out for each other and those more vulnerable than us. It's going to be harder still for a while. The fight continues.

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I think hate and racism prevailed last night, Trump woke up all the folks that never voted before. David Duke had a public celebration last night. Yes, we have a lot of work to do.

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It did--no one voted for Trump without being OK with racism, antisemitism, and sexism no matter what other reasons they had for voting for him. I heard that there have already been swastikas painted in Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love. Everything will be harder now.

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It's so terrible. I really don't know what to say. To think that so many people decided to vote of that orange horror rather than for a competent candidate. :(

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It's not the majority and they didn't win the popular vote, but it's close to half, and that's scary. I wasn't surprised, but I am disappointed.

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I think it shows - just like in the UK - how many people have turned their back on politics, compassion and common sense. :(

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I am too. But we survived Reagan and the Bush's. Maybe we'll get through this too.

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Absolutely right. No one demographic brought this about but it certainly wasn't only poor white people.

Love your fortitude and I'm so sorry for the disappointment xxx

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Because one can throw the misogyny of some of my fellow leftists into that mix.

Thank you, sweetie. We're all in this mess together. *hugs*
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The odds are so stacked against us with Republican majorities in the House and Senate along with a Republican president. And he'll have a chance to appoint who knows how many Supreme Court justices, ones he has said he wants to be like Scalia. I fear for all minorities and I fear for our Earth. I read that he's putting a massive climate change denier in as head of the EPA. We are so screwed.

But we can't stop fighting. It's all we can do right now.

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I know everything is going to get crummier and scarier. Women in hijabs have already been attacked on a campus and swastikas painted in Philly.

Yes, we have to fight hard to hang onto whatever we can of what has been achieved in the last 8 years.

Hope you're healing well today and get lab results in quickly. *hugs*


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