Most Happy Birthday to the wonderful [ profile] shirebound!!! I hope it is full of love, fun, and puppy snuggles and as sweet a day as you are, dear friend!!!! Here are some pretties that have shown themselves around the lake here the past couple of weeks that I hope you will enjoy seeing. ((My apologies on the lousy formatting of my posts of late--for some reason DW or LJ is not allowing me space between paragraphs and pictures and I haven't figured out why or how to reset it. *grumbles*)) Redbud tree blooms: Wild crocuses: Blue Hyacinth: Daffodil with creeping myrtle sneaking up on it: Daffodil: Double daffodil: Weeping cherry tree blooms by St Hugh's along my path to the lake: Weeping cherry tree cascades: Someone I met around the lake the past year who reminded me of the one and only PipPup: Your day wouldn't be complete without this little yorkie in a tutu by the lake, now would it? *many hugs* Also posted at with comment count unavailablecomments

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Love the pictures! Perfect for your BD lady!

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Oh my, such beauty! And a Pip-dog and a tutu, what birthday would be complete without either one?

Thank you, dear friend. I can't wait to see you SOOOON!!

*much love and huggings*

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Your photos, m'dear, are simply fab. :) That DOES look like PipPup! And how about that Yorkie ballerina? :D
ext_28880: Gift from Frodosweetstuff :) (lavender wildflowers)

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Beautiful spring flowers and handsome pups! Perfect for Shirebound's birthday.

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Lovely pictures for our lovely friend.


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