Wisconsin Election Board just received the Green Party's petition for a recount!!! Whew--I was getting worried--not 20 minutes to go! And the funding is up over $5.1 million now. Yay!!! Thank you so much for your bravery, Jill Stein! Now we have to hope that Wisconsin courts or legislature can't and won't block it in any way.

And Trump hasn't twitted his displeasure because he doesn't want this news to be the top most talked about headline news for days, allowing the idea that he might have stolen the election to become mainstream. And this happening right after the NYT got him to disavow his most rambunctious Nazi followers--darn, what bad timing for him! :-P

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Almost $5.8 million now. I look forward to learning how many people have made this happen.

The Wisconsin recount is a go now--no court opposition. And the Clinton campaign is backing it now--Stein gave them the reframing of the issue they needed to be able to get involved. And we helped. (-:

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YAY!!!! I'm refreshing the fundraiser page periodically during the day and it's great!

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distressingly, I heard via a news cast this morning that both this and the electoral college 'change of pledge' are not thought to be any strategies that would alter the Trump out-come.

One thing is certain: we, as single people and as a nation, have learned much from this election. Some good will come out of this evil mire.


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