I know this is a return to the denial and bargaining phase of grief, but a bunch of sites are picking up this story now, and whether or not it is a hoax, making the phone call is worth a shot. The count is so close in these states, and they haven't finished Michigan's count yet. Right now at 11pm ET the 202 number is busy, but you can get right through to the 1-800 number--I got through immediately--maybe it is easier to connect late in the evening and off hours and read the script below:

Please take one minute and call/email the DOJ -Department of Justice- : 1-800-253-3931 (press 5) or 202-353-1555 (leave message)

email: voting.section@usdoj.gov

"My name is [first last name], I'm calling from [city],[state] to respectfully request you pursue an investigation into voter suppression, Russian collusion and FBI interference with the 2016 presidential election. Please issue an injunction until a thorough investigation can take place."

The point is to provide the DOJ with numbers so they can say X number of Americans want an injunction. Short, sweet, polite does the trick.

Thank you to [personal profile] ithiliana

Here's an article on the issue.
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From: [personal profile] lotesse

I called! I don't know whether to hope on this one or not, but I'm calling all the things, whether or no.


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