Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect--Fraudster Elect

What the cast of Hamilton said to Pence last night was fabulous and well done and beautiful, and all over the front pages of all the news outlets, but why, oh why has mention of the fact that our President Elect just paid a settlement of $25 million for fraud and stealing millions from hopeful US victims already disappeared from the front page and headlines of the Washington Post?

PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP COMMITTED FRAUD. FRAUDSTER ELECT TRUMP. His lawyer's spin that he would have won if he fought it is bogus--a settlement is acceptance that he is guilty as charged.

We must not allow the facts to be buried, and this one needs to be highlighted as his conflict of interests are investigated and he tries to take the US and the whole world for a ride.
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The MSM is not going to do anything but puff pieces apparently....*very bitter**

Did want to say, hey, I have my ticket to DC, and will be staying with Aprilkat--she suggested you could drive in and park at her house in DC, and then we could take the Metro to the protest. My email is ithiliana AT hotmail DOT com

I'm excited to see both of you and totally depressed about the events that are causing it....
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Oh, sorry, MSM=mainstream media. I saw a piece in the NY Times about how "identity politics" is to blame for the election of Trump (yeah, right, people of color, white women, and GRSM --gender, romantic, sexual minorities--all to blame for wanting equal rights).

IF SNL was not on so late, I'd be tempted to start watching again: it's clearly relevant! (May have to watch stuff online).

Copying to Aprilkat so you all can coordinate details.





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