George Takei is wonderful, as usual, and writes the definitive op-ed on why what Trump backer Chris Higbie said was so evil. I'm also impressed and fangrrling Megyn Kelly, whose interview with Higbie is linked in Takei's essay, for not letting that comment slip by and highlighting it with the full loathing it deserves and that even any Fox News lover will get. There's a reason Trump tried to take her down, and he failed because she stood up to him, and she's being fabulous and making some changes in Fox News and what their viewers are exposed to. We'll see where she goes from here, but I'm glad to see her on our side for the present and that gives me hope.

I'm also glad Higbie went there and connected the Muslim registry plan with internment camps for us so we didn't have to--thank you, Higbie!!! This gives Dems and civil liberties advocates much more leverage to defeat Trump's plans to make Muslim Americans second class citizens. So go ahead, keep working with loose tongued bigots--make our day.

What Trump is doing with setting his cabinet is not going to fly when he is dealing with Congress and has to learn to share power with the other boys and girls, and that's when things will get really interesting. I'm hopeful it will go about as well as how he's run his businesses. And I am really hoping for big time buyer's remorse in 2018 from the mostly white minority of the public that voted for him and the Republicans he may or may not work with. When the buyer's remorse sets in, I expect they will start taking note of the disgusting things Trump and his minions are saying a little more, not a lot, but a little.

Also, I don't think the argument will really fly, but here's a petition urging the appointment of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court you can sign. I really wish people were in the streets protesting in the spring when McConnell made clear the Republicans would block any appointment the President made, no matter how far to the right he bended--it would have been a more useful time than now, but any time is a start.

So I'm more hopeful on the political front today and I've got a Tuxie curled up next to me, took a beautiful walk around the lake, and will join a friend to see a local band play around the corner this evening. Yay Froday, my dears! <3
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I just want to offer you the limited reassurance that people over here can see what's happening over there, and not only the headlines but the BBC is fitting details into even the brief news bulletins on, for example, their most popular music radio station. The latest two minute bulletin included "racist" about Crumpled Dump's appointee and "fraudulent" about Mumbled Rump himself.
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George Takei said it better than just about anyone else could about ethnically/religiously based "internment camps" not least because He Was There. I admire him so much for both his anti-bigotry and GLBTQ work.

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George Takei is fantastic and I've been very impressed with Megyn Kelly this year. I really hope she keeps going like she has.

I'm glad you have a Tuxie to curl up with.

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She has issues and said racist things in the past, but I hope she's evolving. She's had to fight through so much this year.

Me too. (-:

From: [identity profile]

Glad you're feeling more upbeat today; we're got to stay focused. Megyn Kelly has been a pleasant surprise lately I must say.

From: [identity profile]

Thank you--trying to take care of myself. She wasn't on my radar until this year, and I've read some crummy things she's said in the past--I hope she is evolving.

From: [identity profile]

I'm pleasantly surprised to see Megyn Kelly take a stand like that. Almost makes up for her frothing over Black Santa Claus.

From: [identity profile]

She wasn't on my radar at all until this year when Trump attacked her. So I just read about that incident, and yeah, that was some racist crap. I've admired her standing up to Trump, and this is one step more. I hope she is evolving--it looks like it.

From: [identity profile]

I saw that on Tumblr and was so thankful for George Takei!!!!


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