My trick'r'treating involved going to vote today, which was very satisfying to have done early. Here's hoping to get the treat and not the trick next week.

Those of you who have walked around Greenbelt Lake will remember that there is a house whose backyard is along the path where they put out lots of toys and decorations. They go all out for Halloween and have lots of interactive displays that move, light up, and have sound tracks that are triggered when you pass near them.

At dusk, many of the displays light up. The giant cat here has green light up eyes and the figure on the tombstone has red eyes.

They light the torches at dusk.

Their neighbor got into the act as well with this little graveyard.

Back at the featured yard, we have a ghoul in a horse drawn carriage that has multicolor rotating lights.

Light-up Shelob with web.

Wicked Witch of the West with ongoing taped patter.

Pumpkin monster bids you to come closer.

I think this guy has an appropriate soundtrack.

There is a "free candy" note and some candy bars in the pot on this scarecrow's lap and if you reach into it, it's head will lift with a screech.

This spider sits on the ground and if you pass close, it will spring up with a rattle and hiss soundtrack as it's eyes light up red.

Giant vulture with light up head.

Approaching along the path.

They always put birdseed on this stump, so there's always squirrels, ducks, and other birds around who are not bothered by the caged raven and owl, and other toys they put up there.

A happy Halloween to you all!
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This year one of my neighbours displayed a small carved and lit pumpkin. This is the first Halloween decoration I've ever seen near anywhere I've ever lived!
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Ah, yes, Shelob the spider! Very cool!

>. Pumpkin monster bids you to come closer.

Does that monster's eyes have teeth? I can't enlarge the photo enough on the iPad to see for myself, but ... hey, that would be pretty cool if they did!



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