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( Jan. 1st, 2012 01:06 am)
Happy New Year and thank goodness 2011 is gone!

I have so much I need to report here and hope to get to some of it soon. This is just the first week since things went topsy turvy in October that I feel Ai kan haz owt of hamzter bal nou!!!

I spent the morning of the last day of the year reading some of FotR, going to the doctor and getting a pretty clean bill of health, except for the achy finger, reading some of TH, running errands, then had a yummy ihop breakfast that Thomas BringsTheFire would wax poetical over. I had an afternoon coffee date with a lovely woman, then stopped by the thrift shop, did some chores, IMed with my bb's[personal profile] mererid and [personal profile] delux_vivens, and snuggled with my kitties to bring in the new year. So I saw this year out well and am hopeful for 2012.

Meanwhile, here are some Chanuka Chobbits from earlier this week, bringing in light for the new year . . .

I hope to be a better flistmate in 2012. I hope I get to post more dollustrations and picfics. I'm so glad you're all here, dear flisties. *HUGS*


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