My 3 little elves would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season!


Santa Moo prefers the santa hat to the pirate hat and is perfectly happy to model it while in her little fort.


There is a reason she is called Princess Holstein the Winsome, or several.


Santa Tuxie does not like to be hatted, but was willing to endure a wreath collar for a bit. But modeling is just not his thing.


Santa Saki is happy to model both the hat and wreath if she is told she looks adorable in them.


But come to think of it, we both thought the hat and wreath together was a bit much.


So Saki looked at me as if to say, "If we're going to do this thing, let's do it right, OK?" And immediately after this pic, she got up out of her cat bagel, walked across the table, and climbed into the Plum Hork---I kid you not.


And once in the Plum Hork, Santa Saki vogued it, because she is a professional.


And a professional Santa Elf makes sure she is posing where all the tinsel and holiday cards are.


And when working with a professional, I know to follow her lead.


"You got that right, my hoomin. I know what I'm doing. You just snap the pictures."


So how about the innocent look.


Or maybe with a little twinkle in the eye.


But even Professional Santa Elves get tired after a while and call it quits when there's some quality resting to do.

From: [personal profile] mews1945

Saki really seems to enjoy posing for her picture. Happy holidays to you and your furry elves.
lbilover: (Broship Frodo and Sam)

From: [personal profile] lbilover

Nawwwwww, they are all adorable, but Saki is indeed a model par excellence!! A very Happy Holidays to you all!! *extra scritches for the kitties*
claudia603: (Default)

From: [personal profile] claudia603

Oh my gosh! Thank you for leading me here. These pictures are BRILLIANT! :D I love the Saki ones because she looks like she's doing this because mommy loves it and she's a gorgeous kitty, lol. Moo sort of looks like he just enjoys the whole thing and is a poser with the hat. :D Tuxie looks like, "Come ON, mom, get this OVER with." :D

These are ADORABLE!!!!
ext_28673: (Phoenix)

From: [identity profile]

Your cats are adorable and you're good with the camera. :)

I should say so more often. Your posts are often nice little islands of cute and awesome amidst everything else.

From: [identity profile]

Thank you, hon! (-: That's nice of you to say. I'm not getting time to write and work on other visual arts lately, so my camera has been my main artistic outlet, and so that means a lot to me. *hugs* And it's a good thing I take photoing seriously, living with a professional model like Ms. Saki, and the up and coming Ms. Moo. (-;

From: [identity profile]

oh, they are adorable.....and made ever much more so by the delightful captioning of the Chief Elf-Helper!

From: [identity profile]

They are such good sports to model for you, even if only for a short time. :D

From: [identity profile]

They are sweeties, though Moo doesn't seem to mind it, and Saki gets positively into it. (-:

From: [identity profile]

Merry Christmas, LT!! Those pics are adorable!! I hope you and your Santa Elves have had a lovely holiday!! *BIG HUGS*

From: [identity profile]

We did. I baked a couple of turkey thighs Monday night, so there was a couple of nights of turkey happiness around the apartment. (-:


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