Happy 4th to all who celebrate it and a Happy Friday to all!

This is being the prettiest 4th I can remember, thanks to Hurricane Arthur being good to my area and giving us breezes that have chased out the sweltering humidity of the past week.

I got out to the lake for a beautiful morning walk. Every couple of weeks there is a different assortment of wildflowers beginning to bloom in this spot.

A little skink peeking out from his bunker in a fallen log. He is around 50 yards from the spot where they are going to be setting off the town fireworks so I hope he will be safe, and I hope his bunker makes him feel safe during the booms.

Saki says, "Have a Happy 4th of July!"

I hope you all get to roll around in one of your favorite perches today, too, my dear flisties. <3
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