Date: 2017-04-07 05:53 pm (UTC)
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I think we're past bad customer service and no customer service to coffee-being-poured-in-lap service at this point with LJ and would not be surprised if the San Francisco office completely shuts down at some point soon. And yeah, I read about the Department of Homeland Security, and presumably the Trump admin, going after the twitter user last night and hope Twitter will win the suit. But we're in a sorry state in the US when we have to depend on well-intentioned current owners of a corporation instead of our legislators for privacy protection.

I get the feeling that instead of just rewording the TOS to be in accordance with Russian Federation law, that LJ staff is referencing those laws to state, "we are being made to do this under duress." But it's hard to know. Meanwhile, I left a message on the LJ-news post which details these changes that I am clicking the agree button under protest, since it is the only way I can keep my 15 year old journal, and I do not agree with Russian Federation law. I doubt they will unscreen my comment, but at least I registered my protest, for whatever it's worth to LJ staff. I figured they were screening comments from how long it took some comments to show up on that news post--more coffee-in-lap service.

Thank you, bb. The more platforms of communication an oppressive regime has to monitor, the more that will be able to slip under their radar and the greater the incidence of human failure, so I hope LJ continues to thrive. We all need it as well as Russia.
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