Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] lbilover!!!!! I hope it is a wonderful one, my friend! I bring you turtles (various sliders and snappers) and wood ducks from Greenbelt Lake to help you celebrate. May your year be full of love and happiness.

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From: [identity profile] shirebound.livejournal.com

Oh, what a wonderful assortment. The duck colors are amazing.

From: [identity profile] lavendertook.livejournal.com

Thank you, bb! Painted wood duck boys are quite gorgeous.
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From: [identity profile] lbilover.livejournal.com

Woot! Turtles and wood ducks, what could be lovelier?? Thank you so much for feeding my obsession. :D:D:D

And thank you for the adorable card and the wee Frodo and Sam!! Where on earth did you find them? I thought I'd see them all!! *big squooshes*

From: [identity profile] lavendertook.livejournal.com

You are very welcome, bb! (-:

I got them last year from a merchant at AwesomeCon in DC. I'm glad you liked them. *sknishes*


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