There are so many horrible and deplorable white people and misogynists in this country and they won last night.

And let's not fall for the classist narrative that a lot of the press is upholding. Do not ignore that statistics show that the backbone of Trump's support is the same as Republicans have always had--wealthy people of varying education levels, mostly white men and the women who love and are related to them, and their only concern is to not pay taxes. They do not care who gets thrown under the bus as long as they keep all their stuff. They are supported by poor white people who hope to be them one day, but they are not the backbone--the wealthy and well off are and they are very quiet about what they are doing. They do not attend political rallies--they make phone calls and transfer money.

We have to go on and look out for each other and those more vulnerable than us. It's going to be harder still for a while. The fight continues.
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You are one of the most sensible people I know. Look after yourself too, bb.
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YES on not capitulating to the narrative - I also don't want to hear Jack about how HRC being female hurt her at the polls. It's time to unify, fortify, get ready to mobilize, and we're all going to need to have each other's backs.
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From: [personal profile] lotesse

I'm worried that this is going to be used as an excuse to go backwards - that they won't let us take another shot at a female president because they're going to be so gunshy about the negative impact of misogyny on the election result. I know that that's what took her down, but it's not an acceptable conclusion to me that it's something we should change about our approach.
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I think the middle-class and poor white people voting for Trump did so for more reasons than wanting to get wealthy like him--some of it is their perception of which candidate was more "Christian" (which is a laugh--don't get me started). Also they feel they (and their immigrant ancestors--my relatives who are Trump supporters are mostly only 3rd generation or so) worked their butts off and people of color/contemporary immigrants are getting welfare and stuff in their own language and all kinds of help that neither they nor their ancestors got.

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