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lavendertook ([personal profile] lavendertook) wrote2017-01-29 10:31 pm

BWI Protest Against Muslim Refugee and Immigrant Ban

Back from the Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI) protest, and very tired and late for bed, but very glad I went and made my own sign this time. This was another high-spirited and peaceful protest of about 2000 people, with a nice split level effect, and shrubberies, too. I will post many more pics, along with the Annapolis rally from last week another day, hopefully; that's if Trump would just slow down wth the horridness a little so I'm not going to five more protests by next weekend . . .


And thank you to [personal profile] lbilover for the lovely icon.
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Plwase tell lbilover that the icon you have is pretty wonderful.

And thank you for going.

We are going to be active from now until the orange thingy is controlled.
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Thank you for going!
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with a nice split level effect, and shrubberies