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Happy Fooder1 Birthday!!!

A very happy birthday to the most excellent Fooder1 [personal profile] baranduin!!! I hope you are spending a relaxing evening with warm Harry floof, and even Harry himself, and wonderful birthday treats. :-D

Moo and Tuxie would like to send their greetings--take it away, you two:

Moo: Happy Birthday, Baranduin!!! I woke up from my nap just to say that. You should be honored. Hey, King of the Mountain! You going to wish Baranduin a happy birthday?

Tuxie: It's Baranduin's birthday? I didn't know that! I must have forgotten . . . hey, who's Baranduin?

Moo: *weary sigh* Baranduin is Harry's fooder. Just tell her happy birthday so I can go back to sleep.

Tuxie: Oh, oh yeah. Happy birthday, Baranduin!!! Hi Harry!
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Awww! Kitties!
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Poor Moo. Having to try to keep Tuxie up to speed on everything.