Do any of you, dear flist, have advice on buying an iPhone? I am planning on getting one this week.

Currently, I have a flip phone from a Verizon family plan that it is time to retire and move myself into the 21st century with an iPhone. For my own account, I already have an internet wireless and Fios connection and a landline phone bundle with Verizon. I plan to add the iPhone to my current plan, or switch to a new bundle with Verizon if it will be cheaper.

Would it be cheaper to buy the iPhone itself from the Verizon store, or get it at Best Buy or an Apple store and then take it to the Verizon store to set up the account? Any advice on which iPhone?

I'm going for an iPhone instead of a Smartphone because I like apple computers and have a MacBook, but if you think that's a mistake, now is your chance to tell me, if you'd like.

Any advice on what I should look for in the Verizon plan?

I don't think Comcast is an option for my apartment building, but I'd rather not go with them anyway.

Tank yew!
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I've had iPhones of one sort or another since 2009 when I got an iphone3. I currently have an iphone7 and I got the larger one so I could use it as I would my iPad. It's bulky to hold at times but I think the larger screen is worth the trade off of easy to store and hold. I got one with 128 gigs of storage because I tend to load the phone down with photos. The thing I like the least on the 7 is the change in the head phones jack. It doesn't have one just for your head phones. It has a shared one so that you can either charge the phone or use the head phones. Also because it has no regular head phone jack, you can't go out and buy cheap headphones to use. You pretty much have to use the Apple head phones that come with it. I think the 6 still had a head phone jack so if that's important to you then you might want to get an iphone6 instead of the 7. They seem to last well. I replaced my 5s for the camera on the 7, but my 5s still works. I use it as storage and to play autobooks on which saves space on the current phone.
As to plans, my phone service is with ATT but my almost ex pays for it so no clue what it costs him.
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