Do any of you, dear flist, have advice on buying an iPhone? I am planning on getting one this week.

Currently, I have a flip phone from a Verizon family plan that it is time to retire and move myself into the 21st century with an iPhone. For my own account, I already have an internet wireless and Fios connection and a landline phone bundle with Verizon. I plan to add the iPhone to my current plan, or switch to a new bundle with Verizon if it will be cheaper.

Would it be cheaper to buy the iPhone itself from the Verizon store, or get it at Best Buy or an Apple store and then take it to the Verizon store to set up the account? Any advice on which iPhone?

I'm going for an iPhone instead of a Smartphone because I like apple computers and have a MacBook, but if you think that's a mistake, now is your chance to tell me, if you'd like.

Any advice on what I should look for in the Verizon plan?

I don't think Comcast is an option for my apartment building, but I'd rather not go with them anyway.

Tank yew!
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I only use Androids (because I hate Apple products, including MacBooks, so that's clearly just a difference in our tastes rather than an actual argument against getting an iPhone), so I can't answer any specific iPhone-related questions. That said, does your current phone have a data plan? If not, just a fair warning, but Verizon Wireless will have to make quite a few changes to your current plan in order to account for adding a smartphone to it.

Are you planning on buying the iPhone outright or setting up a monthly payment plan? If you're planning on just paying for it upfront, then it probably would be cheaper to get it somewhere else and then attach it to your plan (or, at least, that's how it almost always works with Androids). If you want to set up a monthly payment plan to cover it, though, then you'd want to get it directly from Verizon.

When it comes to their data plans, they have quite a few options, ranging from 2GB a month to unlimited, depending on your needs. I personally have an unlimited plan, but I've slowly worked my way up to that level. When it comes to your data plan, you can change it whenever you need to, so if you choose the wrong level it's not set in stone.


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