Happy Valentine's Day, my dear flisties! A little late, but what's new?

Here are passion flowers for you from a couple of summers ago by Greenbelt Lake.

And here's Super Sonic Saki and Tuxie being loving from last summer.

"OMG, she's sleeping next to me!" says a surprised Saki about a peaceful Ms. Moo.

I am so owned.

The Three in relaxed proximity. Maybe one day they will all 3 cuddle together, but I'm not holding my breath. Moo scares the shit out of Tuxie--he respects his mom. They make me feel like an Oankali third (a reference for the Octavia Butler Xenogenesis readers out there) when they range themselves around me in bed--I am the Cuddle Resource.

This was Brigit with her pretty little sister Ostra in November 2011 when we first brought them to Warwick. I lost Ostra this month last year--Brigit may have lost her the December before as they went their separate ways navigating their new environment. I will make a memorial post for my lost little calico soon. But there is some very good news, and some sweet to this bitter. T reports that Brigit has a new kitty love in her life. Second chances rule. (-: I'll tell you all about that very soon.

<3 & *hugs* to you all.
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