Tuxie and his little shaved leg.


Tuxie is doing lots better. When he first came home after 3 nights at the emergency clinic 2 weeks ago, he was so full of love, he nuzzled me for hours--he's usually more of a rub against your legs or a short rub to your hand if he's liking being petted, but if he could have purred himself into my pores he would have, he wanted to be so close. He rubbed on Moo as if she was Saki, and got hisses to back off, then she came up and snuffled his face, so it was OK. He's since gotten back to his usual more self-contained sweet self.

The great thing is his neuropathy has reversed. He's walking totally on his toes and jumping into the bathroom window and on the sunroom cat tree like he hasn't in almost 2 years, which is wonderful to see. He's still looking interestedly at the kitty condo in the living room without jumping on it, so I don't know if his neuropathy is all the way better, but it's something. The vet lowered his insulin dose when I saw him the week before, and we'll see if it can be reduced further when we see the vet this week. I don't know if he's going into full remission, or just will be able to be on a small dose of insulin from now on--I'm sure hoping for remission. So the seizure may be due to having been able to get the carbs out of his diet a few weeks ago, but we can't know for sure without doing a brain MRI, which involves anesthesia, which I'm not willing to put him through, anytime soon at least. He's on an anti-seizure pill I give him twice a day for 3 months--he loves pill pockets, so it's easy.

I got a pet glucosemeter, lancets, and test strips, so if he ever has another seizure, I'll know if he is hypo- or hyperglycemic, and know whether he needs insulin or a sugar source, so I don't make the same mistake I made this time that made things worse. I got a lesson on using it at the vet, but I have some reading up to do on how to set it up still--bleh.

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I've been getting through this heat wave by living nocturnally and staying in, only going out after sunset to feed the stray kitties (poor things in this heat) and get supplies. So these pics are a reminder of the good green world I hope to return to. (-; Tomorrow for a few days it will only be going up to the lower 90's for a breather (yeah, it's all perspective) and I will venture out into the daylight again. But in the meantime, I will continue to bring you the cool fresh air of this forest stream trail at Patapsco Valley Park.

I'm sorry for being so behind on replying to comments and commenting on entries! I'm still eager to continue the discussions on my LotR EE entries and will be back there. But I want to make sure I get more of this pretty trail to you during this heat wave some of us are experiencing. And hopefully the green is a soothing reminder for my winter-bound friends Down Under.

So here is another pic of one of my favorite things: clear stream running icily beneath lush ferns and moss. Please click on the pic to see it better.

Here's a question for LJ experts: I want to post these pics here at the same size they appear when you click through to the pic on my LJ scrapbook, which is double the size of what I'm posting here, so that you don't have to click through. However, when I do re-size them in the url for the entry, they come out fuzzier in my entry than they are on the scrapbook page you click to, even though the pics are the same size. Do you know how I can fix that so that I can post the pics clearly on my entries at the size they appear when you click through to the scrapbook? The LJ FAQ was no help to me at all. Thanks!

Come along this woodland trail where you can feel the breath of the trees on your skin . . . )
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( Feb. 5th, 2010 11:40 pm)
The woods are lovely, dark and deep . . .

These are the woods beside my building at 9 pm this evening. The snow and pinkish white sky keep the dark at bay on a blustery night.

It started snowing around noon, but not really sticking until 4 pm. I got off work early, met Ostra hanging out around my car in the garage and fed her some tartar treats, then drove out to the Amish market in Annapolis and got some yummies for the snowed in weekend. The drive back from Annapolis was stunning, as the trees and grass were just starting to hold the snow, but the roads were fine. When I went out to clear my car around 8 pm, my car already had 4 or 5 inches on it. We're getting a minimum of 2 feet of snow, and maybe 3 before it ends tomorrow night. I've got purring furry ballast bags strapped to either side of me, so I'm snug for riding it out.
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( Dec. 30th, 2009 10:54 pm)

Here's a patchwork quilt of bright colors in the narrowing light of twilight, sans sparkle vampires 'cause this be hobbit country, a well garlicked place.
Follow the fading light . . . )

Here are more pics where the reflections double the fun. I probably wouldn't have gotten these if my camera didn't have such a great low light setting. It's so cold here today with high winds, I was cold at work for once, but right now I got a Saki cuddling against me with her head tucked in against my leg, and a Moo is curled up at my feet.
Follow the last burst of color as the light fades . . . )
I have some more thank yous--what fun going to the mailbox has been this holiday season! Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] melyanna_65 for the fabulous card of our favorite plastic hobbits in their wee santa hats, and the trading cards, and the very cute fic. Thank you to dear [livejournal.com profile] mews1945 for the pretty sparkly card. And thank you to [livejournal.com profile] frodosweetstuff for the adorable F/S manip card, which was riches enough, but also the wonderful doll clothes--Bingo and Sam are so delighted--and the gaydar--about time I had some, too. (-; Gosh!

Back to the lake--I want to get us to the end of this set of fall pics this week before the year ends. I walked around the lake today since this weekend's rain washed most of the snow away. There's just so much green underbrush still not willing to relinquish this Rainy Year of Yay for Green Things. There are more kinds and shades of lush, gleeful moss covering the trees sending up luxuriant spikes of spores. And the holly trees are more full of berries than I remember seeing any year before--folk wisdom says that means we can expect lots more snow and cold this winter. At the end of it, I'm still hoping for an early, sunny, and riotous spring in reward for this dark, dreary year. But back to 2 months ago:

Here's a sweet gum tree cascading over the lake. I think that's willow oak still green in the foreground. At this point, that camera was picking up more light than my eyes were in the dusk.
And another pic of the cascading sweet gum . . .  )
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( Dec. 22nd, 2009 11:22 pm)
Here's an interesting special effect nature produces that I hadn't noticed before. Sunday, the day after the big storm, it was sunny, cold, and windy. In the early afternoon, I watched wisps of snow blowing off branches and through the trees out my window, and as they'd pick up sunlight, they looked like someone took a handful of gold glitter and tossed it into the wind.

That spot of light in this pic is not the sun, which is higher in the sky above the confines of this pic, but a sungold snow cloud. Specially ordered for Philip Pullman fans. There's a couple more pics of the effect under the cut.
Follow the billows of gold dust above the silver white blanket . . .  )
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( Dec. 11th, 2009 11:04 pm)
Happy Chanukah!!!

I skipped over photoing the southwest branch this round, and now we're on the south side heading east and back to where we started. The last of the afternoon sun lights the trees on this part of the path. There are some houses off to the right side, so it's not quite as secluded as the view looking toward the lake suggests.
Along the last stretch of the walk . . . )

The treetops, together with their reflection in the lake, look like fiery lips, the setting sun kissing the tops of the trees goodnight. We're looking from the southwest corner of the lake back toward the stone landings. That red ball in the middle is the sugar maple I showed you a few entries before. It don't need no stinking sun touching it to shine brightly. I only wish we had some blue sky in this shot.
Come see the trees the sun has kissed . . . )

Here's the view walking south along the western bank of Greenbelt Lake, looking eastward as the sun heads towards the horizon. On a windy day, this stretch picks up nice breezes and scents off the lake with an ocean flavor. The water mallows and passion flowers that grow along the bank here come to full bloom in August and September, and I'll show you some pics I took of those as the winter deepens. On the down side, you can hear a fairly constant buzz of traffic from the intersection of the interstate and the parkway nearby.
Looking back toward where we started . . . )

Just some more golden otherworldly views of sunset in autumn on Greenbelt Lake. Here we're looking back at the stone landings we passed as we now look toward the east end of the lake.
Follow if you will . . . )

The composition is kind of boring here, but I love the colors, since few of my shots managed to line up clear sky behind the trees. A good clear blue sky really sets off the fall colors so much more vividly, especially with the deeper reflection.
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( Dec. 3rd, 2009 10:49 pm)

So as we continue on around to the west side of the lake, the sun that emerges from under the cloud bank is not the same one that descended therein. And little does this couple here know that, like us, they are now in the universe of Maxfield Parrish.
Take the hidden paths that run . . . )
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( Dec. 2nd, 2009 10:42 pm)
I'm almost over this lingering, not quite ready for prime time flu thing. Still a little congested, but I went ahead and did my voice post for [livejournal.com profile] read_lotr_aloud here and here. And I got a lovely Paris post card from Frodo, Sam, and [livejournal.com profile] frodosweetstuff--thank you, you three! In other health news, I'm crossing my fingers that I just had menopause when I went through constant hot flashes the other week, because so far so good about period not showing up this week. If that was it, that would be so awesome--somehow I don't think I'll be let off that easy, though. On to the pretty trees . . .

Remember, you can click on any pic for embiggenment. Here's your sugar maple straight up, the colors all a memory now.
And yet more pretty colors . . . )

The focus isn't very sharp in these pics, but the colors are so vivid I figured I'd show them to you anyway. We started on the east end of the lake, and we're going along the northern shore and are nearing the west end now. Across the lake from this picnic shelter you can sort of make out the opening of the south branch or fork of the lake.
Following the kaleidoscope on the southern shore . . . )

Happy Birthday to [personal profile] mererid who loves birds and the sea. We're about half way down to the far end of the lake. The park around the lake is called Buddy Attick Park--kind of a hobbity name, don't you think? This has been a stressful week, so I'm just going to float along with these Canada geese here. And I'm having a mug of almond milk, with a shot of amaretto and rose water as a thunder storm passes over outside, and Saki is lounging on the ottoman in front of me keeping guard. The rain's picked up, falling louder on the windows, so Tuxie has just dashed into his bunker behind the futon for safety, and Moo just wandered by wondering if she should be worried.
A time to reflect . . . )

Looking up to the tree tops and seeing blue sky between brightly colored leaves is one of the joys of life.
Bright stuff by the water. . . )

From the path, we're looking at a little peninsula that juts out from the place we started round the lake. The bright sea green color on the water is a layer of algae covering this shallow, still part of the lake.
And a little further . . . )
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( Nov. 14th, 2009 12:06 am)

Now we're on the path going around the lake and you can catch a glimpse of it through these trees. There's a wider opening where you can see more of the lake, but I like looking out between these ivy-covered trunks. Ivy and moss always add a more primal and mystical touch to the setting, as does the late afternoon sun. There's undoubtedly some hobbits hiding among the undergrowth, watching for Elves to pass by.
Along the path . . .  )

I love the little glimpses of reflected blue sky at the bottom of this picture, like sapphires gleaming from the bottom of the pool (or Feanorian lamps, or Frodolijah blue eyes.) Do click on it to see it better. This is still the turtle pond right where the path we came up merges with the path that circles the lake.
More fire on the water . . . AND DUCKS! )
Today I bring you roads of earth and water.

We're still on the path leading down to the lake.

This creek is the one we crossed over two days ago and is flowing beside the path. This view is from the often algae-covered wading pool it flows into, just before you reach the path that circles the lake. On a sunny day in spring and summer, you can often see 20 to 30 turtles sunning themselves on the rocks, branches, and banks of the pool.

As always, click any pic to embiggen.

Taking you now a little further along the path toward Greenbelt Lake than yesterday. I blurred the borders of the pic to deepen the depth in the center to send you on your way.

Metro decided to start the Veterans Day holiday early by sending less trains this evening, so getting home took double the time with double the crowds--thank you Metro for delaying the holiday for the rest of us. Buuuuut we have tomorrow off and I get to sleep in and catch up on lost sleep, so that makes me happy.
I told [personal profile] mews1945 I'd try to post pics I took a couple of weekends ago as I walked around Greenbelt Lake, so I'll go do that one or two pics at a time, and try to keep them coming. The fall we had 2 years ago was probably the gold standard for beautiful leaf turning in this area, and I posted a bunch of pics then and never did upload all of them. We'll see how many of this year's I can show you. With the wind and rain the last couple of weeks, leaves have dropped and browned out more quickly this year, but 2 weeks ago was a good beginning of peak.

This is the creek I cross over at the entrance to the lake right behind the community center and down the woody hill I live on.

Tuxie here is overlooking that woody hill. Yesterday afternoon, we had an exciting, slightly frightening, but exhilarating event to watch as a huge flock of migrating grackles--sleek black birds with an iridescent sheen like the rainbows in oil puddles--took a travel break in the trees surrounding our building. The kids, Tuxie and Moo, took their stations in the windowed sun room, but Saki was sitting in the foyer oblivious to this prime time Feline Event of the Century, so I picked her up and put her purring on the watchtower scratching post in the sun room and we all settled down to watch them swoop and flutter all around us, their presence doubled by their shadows racing across the ground below. And the cacophony around us through the screens, loud, raucous, yet musical still, was wondrous. After about 20 minutes, the swarm took to the sky road and continued on south. Two thumbs, and paws, up for that natural performance.

It balanced out the more prosaic and unfortunate bird event later in the day, when I dropped the pan of turkey thighs I was roasting and spattered me and the floor with turkey grease and marinade. Could have been worse, as I'm thankful for the absence of cats in this scenario, who were also good about staying back from investigating the accident scene when I shooed them.

Yes, there were actually no hobbits mentioned in this post. It happens sometimes. Not too often though.


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