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( Jan. 23rd, 2016 09:11 pm)
The storm is winding down here and we didn't lose power around here--I am grateful. It started here around 1 pm yesterday and should be ending in an hour or two. After I dug out my car this afternoon, I slogged around fording a path around my building and measured the snow in a few spots--it ranged form 13 to 18 inches. We should have a few more inches since then. We got off a little lighter int he NE corner of the Beltway than folks to the west of us. Here's out my living room window:

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It's been raining since Friday night and all the grass suddenly turned green yesterday, though the Bradford pears haven't gone into bloom yet--probably because they knew what would happen today: it started snowing again a couple of hours ago, heavy, and some of it is sticking, goddammit!!!! The temps have really dropped with it. It's March 30th. It's just so wrong--so very, very wrong.

So here's some pics of snow from around here back in January, when it was still pretty, and had a sense of propriety, unlike the current snow that respects nothing and no one:


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To my beloved flisties,

Saki & Tuxie, 1/14
May your head be as blissfully licked as Tuxie's is here, or the preferred equivalent.

Snow berries, Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt, 1/14
My love for you is vibrant even in the goddamned snow that can go away any time now. There's your Hallmark Moment from me to you'ses.<3

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To my beloved flisties,

Saki & Tuxie, 1/14

May your head be as blissfully licked as Tuxie's is here, or the preferred equivalent.

Snow berries, Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt, 1/14

My love for you is vibrant even in the goddamned snow that can go away any time now. There's your Hallmark Moment from me to you'ses.<3
I'm starting to feel better today, so the antibiotic ear drops are doing their job. Tomorrow everything should be covered in white--forecasters have just upped the number of inches we should expect, so it's definitely coming. It might be a good day to bake, if the power holds.

The pics below are from around the lake last October, before Hurricane Sandy yanked all our colors away. So here is a memory of bright colors to contemplate on a snow blown day:

10-12 Fall colors

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( Jan. 24th, 2013 01:40 am)
. . .said Gandalf significantly.

Starting yesterday, we've been having the coldest temps we've had in 4 years, with anticipation of a possible dusting of snow tonight and a few inches on Friday, so I've been debating and debating on whether or not I should catch Brigit today and take her in for the next few days. When I refill the dry food auto feeders, I have been placing a bowl of wet food in a carrier, and Brigit has been walking right in, so catching her would be no problem. The only problem is I'm not sure if this is a trick that will work twice, so if we have worse weather in the next month, I may not be able to catch her then--hence the debate.

But when I went out this afternoon, I called and called and she didn't show, as she has every week, except one rainy day, since the end of last March. I filled the feeders, called some more, and then drove around a little, and came back. Then I saw that C. who lives across the road from the feeders had arrived home and went to ask her if she could call me, if she saw her. I'm so glad she's there. She is friendly to Brigit, though she considers her an ugly cat--yes, she does. {-:

I was pretty worried, but just as it was getting dark and I was leaving C's stoop, who should show up, but Ms. Brigit. She was walking kind of slow, and was slow to start eating, and if she didn't have a cold, the cold was certainly being rough on her, so that decided me completely to take her in. I had to wave the bowl of food under her nose a couple of times before she took interest in it when I put it in the carrier, which isn't like her. And then I easily shut the door behind her and loaded it in the back seat. She made a couple of sad meows of half-hearted protest, but we drove home without incident.

This is a pic of Ms. Brigit from a month ago. You can see her winter coat has grown out beautifully.

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( Jan. 27th, 2011 12:18 pm)
Those of you north of here have suffered through so many snow storms already this year. Unlike last year, we've lucked out through them in the DC area until now.

We got less than 5 inches last night, and my power went out for 11 damn hours! Hundreds of thousands of people in the area are still without power. I hear people north of us dealing with so many feet of snow, but I don't hear widespread complaints that their power went out. Pepco, why do you suck so much? When we were hit with repeated blizzards last year, I understood when we went for days without power. But now, I hear your officials complaining on the radio that we got a foot of snow last night and that is total bullshit! You were not taken by surprise by the few inches we got.

I was awake half the night worrying if once again I would lose all the food in the refrigerator and thus hundreds of dollars of groceries it is a hardship now to replace, as has happened at least once a year the past couple of years. Yes, I know global warming is making storms rougher--but this one was less than 5 damn inches!

I grew up north of here in NJ loving snow. I missed snow when I lived in North Carolina. But living in this area has succeeded in making me totally hate snow. The infrastructure in this area sucks so very much. I want to be living in the woods, so when this shit happens I know to expect it and know that's the price for my wonderful trees, and be content with the trade off. Oh yay-now the power is threatening to go out again . . . .

/End spoiled 1st world rant

Edit: Pepco OUTRAGE Map. (spelling intentional)

Edit 2: Outage map has been taken down since 7 pm this Thursday evening and, as of 12:55 am Friday morning, it is still down. No covering tracks going on here, no.

The consultants said obtaining information from Pepco was "extremely difficult." Pepco executives delayed, made minimal disclosures and, when they did respond, did so "never in a clear or transparent manner," the report said.

The consultants said they found numerous discrepancies in Pepco's data, indicating that something was "seriously awry" and that the company's dismal reliability record could actually be understating the extent of its problems . . . "Pepco appears to be only committed to performing the minimum required to meet regulations, directives and the law," the report said. "They exhibit no desire to excel."

From the WaPo here.

Also from the WaPo, an article on Pepco's response to this current outage.

Edit 3: Here's a thought. But can halting dividends be legislated by the state legislature? Would they have the guts to do it?
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( Feb. 10th, 2010 11:47 pm)
Here are pics from Sunday morning after the first blizzard, back when I could say the word snow without including expletives.

So here's some fucking snow. Goddamn snow. Pretty in the trees, but on the street there are towering gray piles that will be taking up residence here until Memorial Day. Out on the street the last couple of days, it felt like being at the bottom of a lunar trench looking up, trying to catch a glimpse of the sky. OK, not quite, but you know, it kind of sucked. It's hard to maintain that childhood sense of glee for mountains of snow after you've been shoveling for days and driving on slick roads with obstructed vision at many intersections. Yes, I'm whining. Deal. :-P
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( Feb. 7th, 2010 12:27 am)

Sunset at blizzard's end. We got around 2 1/2 feet. But with the plowed piles as high as me, this snow will be staying around a long time.
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( Feb. 5th, 2010 11:40 pm)
The woods are lovely, dark and deep . . .

These are the woods beside my building at 9 pm this evening. The snow and pinkish white sky keep the dark at bay on a blustery night.

It started snowing around noon, but not really sticking until 4 pm. I got off work early, met Ostra hanging out around my car in the garage and fed her some tartar treats, then drove out to the Amish market in Annapolis and got some yummies for the snowed in weekend. The drive back from Annapolis was stunning, as the trees and grass were just starting to hold the snow, but the roads were fine. When I went out to clear my car around 8 pm, my car already had 4 or 5 inches on it. We're getting a minimum of 2 feet of snow, and maybe 3 before it ends tomorrow night. I've got purring furry ballast bags strapped to either side of me, so I'm snug for riding it out.
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( Jan. 12th, 2010 10:24 pm)
Am tired, so I'll let more pics from Friday say my greetings to ya'll today. Hope you enjoy!

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( Jan. 11th, 2010 11:15 pm)
We didn't get enough snow on Friday to close things, but since it was largely a crap and crazy-making week for me and my throat was feeling a little scratchy, I took off Friday from work to have a do-over weekend and de-stress. Saki does have hyperthyroidism, but it's mild and we've caught it at the start, so we don't have to rush the treatments, but start her on pills this week and see how she does with that.

I'm already feeling lucky I had a day saved up to take off, and more relaxed, so it was a good plan. The sun came out at rising on Friday for a little while and made the little bit of snow we got glisten. So here are some pics of the pretty out my apartment windows:

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