It has been a long couple of weeks of home and car repair stressors. But I’m finally taking some time to finish my moot write up that I started a couple of weeks ago now. I was a bit absent here in the spring focusing on moot prep, and since it focusing on household stuff that got pushed aside and not so good with keeping up with posts and comments here. I’m working my way back.

So we had this moot Memorial Day weekend. (-:


The moot started a couple of hours later than planned—Friday morning I heard from poor [ profile] hildigard_brown that her flight out of Austin was cancelled and she was rebooked for Saturday afternoon. I was sad not to meet her that morning and for the time she would miss out on, but I took the time to relax, take a walk before the day got too hot, and then drive up to the bus station in Baltimore to pick up [ profile] aliensouldream and [ profile] gabi_fics (from Manchester, UK via NJ, down to DC and back up to Baltimore) getting there just as their bus got in half past noon, and there were their smiling faces and it was a happy reunion! The two of them bought so much happy cheer to be here and with all of us that was infectious.

From Baltimore we went to the hobbity Le Madeleines in Columbia for lunch and happy chatter. Claudia, you remember Le Madeleine’s, right? Actually we talked a lot about politics and I learned some things about Brexit and Rupert Murdock’s machinations thereat (crossing my fingers about the vote today.) A wonderful start to the moot. Then I dropped them at the Greenbelt Marriott to check in, while I went back up to BWI to pick up [ profile] shirebound in from San Diego and [ profile] lovethosehobbit from Salt Lake City and collected my lovely hugs with our reunion and brought them back to the Marriott to check in. lovethosehobbit brought really cute Gandalf & Frodo silhouette bumper stickers for all of us. I need to clean a spot on my car for mine.

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And who is more deserving of a vacation on the anniversary of the ring's destruction than Bingo or Frodo and Sam, I ask you? They quite enjoyed their time at the Arizona-Senora Desert Museum and strolling about. Read more... ) Also posted at with comment count unavailablecomments
And who is more deserving of a vacation on the anniversary of the ring's destruction than Bingo or Frodo and Sam, I ask you? They quite enjoyed their time at the Arizona-Senora Desert Museum and strolling about. Read more... )
I have not gotten a chance to post pics from AwesomeCon in DC last spring, so in honor of your birthday, [personal profile] ink_gypsy, here is the best pic I took of Sean Astin, from his panel with John Rhys-Davies about LotR--sorry Elijah wasn't there:

A very happy birthday to you!
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( Jan. 3rd, 2015 09:26 pm)
Happy Birthday to the Professor!!!

JRRT Birthday 2010 3

I'm sorry I'm falling behind on commenting on so many posts because ya'll are posting so much lately--it's glorious, actually! I can deal with this kind of guilt. Keep it up! :-D

Addendum: A new translation of the Red Book of Westmarch? This is good. Thanks to [personal profile] mererid for the link.
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( Mar. 25th, 2014 10:42 pm)
Here's my reading of an early draft of the beginning of "A Long Expected Party" with Bingo, son of Bilbo from The History of The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the Shadow, because I love those early drafts, and, well, Bingo:

Ahahahahaha--a safe hobbit!!!
Happy Baggins Birthday!!!

The old cake from Maryland Moot 2010 will have to suffice this year for our hobbits, since I'm barely getting time for anything this month.

Bag End Cake, Maryland Moot 9-10

More pics are here for anyone who missed it. That was a good time with my hobbit posse.<3

Addendum: I made a dollustration mathom here for the Baggins Birthday celebration at [community profile] tol_eressea.
Happy Birthday to Bilbo, Frodo, and Bingo!!!

Out of the Box  Preview pic 9-22-12

This is a teaser pic for a Baggins Birthday Mathom picfic for [personal profile] lbilover of Bingo and Sam posted in [community profile] tol_eressea here, titled Out of the Box.

*hugs all round*
When I came onto LJ in 2002, I was interested in reading Frodo/Sam fic, but I found just as vibrant a community for writing about Frodo/Sam/Rosie as a happy triad as there was for Frodo/Sam as a happy couple, and I liked what F/S/R people were doing as well. Now there doesn't seem to be any F/S/R being written anymore, so I figured I'd best do something about that, and since I write about Frodo's discarded early draft incarnation, Bingo, I wrote a Bingo/Sam/Rosie fic for a fic universe I think a lot about for the week 5 challenge at [ profile] fffc community on LJ.

Author: lavendertook
Title: The Moment Lately Past
Prompt: Parting (and reunion)
Characters/Pairings/Triad: Bingo/Sam/Rosie
Rating: PG
Word Count: 333, Triple Hobble
A/N: All this talk of Rosie, it's time I wrote a take on their relationship I've been playing with. This is part of an extra-canonical universe that jumps ahead several years from when I have usually been writing about Bingo (The Commuterverse.) It's set in S.R. 1448, 27 years after Bingo first sailed West, and 5 years after Sam first sailed, 40 years before the Red Book's telling, give or take a few months.

You can find it here.

So it was Friday night in Radio City Music Hall before the the FotR symphony began, and these were excited hobbits. They may not look it, but I can assure you, they were. The hobbit wranglers, belleferret, frodosweetstuff, and I all got our tickets separately but still wound up in the same row a few seats apart from each other, and we managed to rearrange and sit together without any fuss (would YOU want to sit between a couple of hobbit wranglers?), so, luckily, the Frodo's and Bingo didn't have to do a reenactment of Heartbreakingly-Crushed-in-Dimril-Dale to persuade anyone to move.
Bring forth the report, Frodo . . .  )
Toward the Eastern Shore

by [personal profile] lavendertook

For The Great Mathom Exchange at the [profile] bagginsbirthday bash. With many thanks to [personal profile] frodosweetstuff for organizing it all.

Tolkien's LotR
Pairing: Bingo (Frodo)/Sam
Maybe NC-17, if you're good at extrapolation

Setting: This picfic is set in bookverse, just before the last paragraph of Chapt. 10 "The Breaking of the Fellowship," but it is also meant to be infused with the passion of filmverse's scene just preceding the event this story describes.

Background: I write Bingo instead of Frodo to honor the many incarnations this character passed through during the long years his author fashioned him, and due to a soft spot for the discarded early draft character. Sam, however, was always Sam Gamgee, from his introduction before Bingo became Frodo.

Disclaimer: I'm just gratefully borrowing these characters for a time and have no stupid plans to try to somehow make money from this venture. The dolls are made by Sideshow, but the set is of my own devising.


"'It would have been the death of you to come with me, Sam,' said Frodo, 'and I could not have borne that.'

'Not as certain as being left behind,' said Sam.
. . .
A sudden warmth and gladness touched his heart . . . 'But I'm glad, Sam. I cannot tell you how glad. Come along! It is plain we were meant to go together . . . .' "

Chapter 10. "The Breaking of the Fellowship," The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

It was hard work rowing the boat eastward round the southern end of Tol Brandir where the waters were quickening their pace, pulled by the release of Rauros's plunge. Hearing a mournful call, Bingo looked up from his labor to spot a bird of a kind he had never before seen, suspended on wings the color of the overcast sky, flying toward the cliffs of the island. As he tapped Sam's shoulder to point it out, the sun broke through the clouds and turned the bird's white body to gleaming silver, its yellow beak now a point of gold on its prow, as it dropped down and disappeared behind the cliff face.

As they rounded the southern end of the island, the hobbits spotted the break into which the sea bird had disappeared, leading into a sheltered cove. Few were those who rowed the rapids at this point, and it was not likely that anyone who stood on two legs had spotted this southward facing wooded inlet before, well lit by the sun on the lower path of her winter's journey. They pulled into the calm shallows of the protected cove and stopped to rest among the reeds before attempting to push on to the high banks sloping down from Amon Lhaw on the eastern shore . . .

The rest can be found here at my hobbit's LJ or here at the Baggins birthday community.

For [personal profile] lbilover, who I hope gets a moment to celebrate today. Lots of love and hope coming your way! *hugs*

These hobbits living on Tol Eressea were going to bake you a cake, Ellen, but they got distracted. And yes, of course, there would be t-shirts and jeans on the Lonely Isle. It wouldn't be the Blessed Lands if every fabric was not wrinkle-free, now would it?

This bench is getting a bit warm . . . )
I wanted to wish [personal profile] belleferret a very happy birthday with hobbits! And since Bingo and Sam accompanied me to the DC Pride Festival last weekend, I thought I'd let them tell you about their day, or, really, mostly about each other, here.



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