Now what am I forgetting . . . Ah yes! I need to be in bed in time for Sam to bring me first breakfast for [personal profile] febobe's birthday! And I'm late . . .

Febobe BB Dollustrations
Beggin' your pardon, sir, but you need to eat right quick. Mr. Elrond's fixin' to bring you second breakfast real soon. Miss Arwen's going to bring you a heapin' big luncheon and Strider's going to bring you afternoon tea, and then will come dinner and supper and finally the big party for Miss [personal profile] febobe's birthday . . .

Happy Birthday, [personal profile] febobe!!!! (yes, those are some of your BB sneak peaks) (-: *hugs*
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( Feb. 10th, 2013 07:33 pm)
Bingo and Sam join me in wishing [personal profile] rakshi a happy birthday, and wish you many more happy years in the West. :-D

I hope you had a very happy birthday, [personal profile] lbilover! At its close, I bring you squirrel and turtle heavy spam of residents of Greenbelt Lake I took over the past year or so. Also included are a couple more critters who might be denizens of the Woodjinverse. <3


For 22 more pics of Greenbelt Lake residents, come along with me here . . . )
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( Jun. 4th, 2012 10:31 pm)
Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] frodosweetstuff!!!

I hope your day was full of mutually enamored English sleuths, young kings with devoted wizards, excited wandering speechifiers in concert, fluffy kitties, fine wines and chocolates, fresh lavender scents abounding, and most especially, two world-saving very short persons in love.

Bingo and Sam at sunset, Delaware National Seashore

Bingo is playing the role of Frodo with his Sam, just for you, wandering at sunset on the Delaware seashore, which is playing the role of the shore of the Undying Lands. ;-)

*squishes you*
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( Jan. 1st, 2012 01:06 am)
Happy New Year and thank goodness 2011 is gone!

I have so much I need to report here and hope to get to some of it soon. This is just the first week since things went topsy turvy in October that I feel Ai kan haz owt of hamzter bal nou!!!

I spent the morning of the last day of the year reading some of FotR, going to the doctor and getting a pretty clean bill of health, except for the achy finger, reading some of TH, running errands, then had a yummy ihop breakfast that Thomas BringsTheFire would wax poetical over. I had an afternoon coffee date with a lovely woman, then stopped by the thrift shop, did some chores, IMed with my bb's[personal profile] mererid and [personal profile] delux_vivens, and snuggled with my kitties to bring in the new year. So I saw this year out well and am hopeful for 2012.

Meanwhile, here are some Chanuka Chobbits from earlier this week, bringing in light for the new year . . .

I hope to be a better flistmate in 2012. I hope I get to post more dollustrations and picfics. I'm so glad you're all here, dear flisties. *HUGS*
On dear[personal profile] claudia603's birthday . . .

May Stern Rangers always spring ill, Beautiful Hobbits from the Bree Town Jail . . .

And furthermore . . . )
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( Sep. 21st, 2011 12:35 am)
And now for the after-birthday birthday greeting!

The Hobbit Actors Keeping Busy Between BigBang Fic shoots 8-11

These hobbit actors keep busy between shoots for the BigBang fics, but if they came up for air, they would wish dear [livejournal.com profile] lbilover a very happy birthday!!! Hope it was a lovely one!!
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( Aug. 13th, 2011 12:09 am)
Since Bingo's busy doing photo shoots for a gen story, Sam climbs into bed with him whenever there's time between shoots. Sam's all dressed for his first scene. Oddly enough, they're just chatting right now. As always, click to embiggen (which is not a spam subject line yet, as far as I know).

Chatting in bed between photo shoots, 8-11

Hope you're having a happy Froday!

I had fun this week putting together a Flour Dumpling doll--he's a riot to look at--painted some doll furniture, made some tiny foods, and found some more building materials for sets at the thrift shop. This weekend I hope to get Elrond doll all ready for the camera, hopefully locate my sculpty clay, and find wherever I put some paints and some materials for Rivendell sets. I am blessed with very patient cats.

I owe many comment replies, and I will get to all of them, eventually, I promise. *hugs*
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( Aug. 6th, 2011 02:50 am)
It's [livejournal.com profile] febobe's birthday, so you know that . . .

Frodo's had a rough time
and he's laid up in bed;
Little does he suspect
Again, little does he suspect . . . )
Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] annwyn55!!! I hope you have a lovely celebration!!! And here's Bingo and Sam on Tol Eressea to celebrate it with a double drabble for you. This pic was taken at sunset at Delaware State Seashore last October--yes the sea really was that color! Click on it to embiggen.

Title: More Sand
Pairing: F/S
Rating: PG Fluff
Disclaimer: Just borrowing J.R.R. Tolkien's hobbits for the shear pleasure of it. And I'd never sell them; I'd keep them if I could.

Sam was worried . . . )
I've been getting through this heat wave by living nocturnally and staying in, only going out after sunset to feed the stray kitties (poor things in this heat) and get supplies. So these pics are a reminder of the good green world I hope to return to. (-; Tomorrow for a few days it will only be going up to the lower 90's for a breather (yeah, it's all perspective) and I will venture out into the daylight again. But in the meantime, I will continue to bring you the cool fresh air of this forest stream trail at Patapsco Valley Park.

I'm sorry for being so behind on replying to comments and commenting on entries! I'm still eager to continue the discussions on my LotR EE entries and will be back there. But I want to make sure I get more of this pretty trail to you during this heat wave some of us are experiencing. And hopefully the green is a soothing reminder for my winter-bound friends Down Under.

So here is another pic of one of my favorite things: clear stream running icily beneath lush ferns and moss. Please click on the pic to see it better.

Here's a question for LJ experts: I want to post these pics here at the same size they appear when you click through to the pic on my LJ scrapbook, which is double the size of what I'm posting here, so that you don't have to click through. However, when I do re-size them in the url for the entry, they come out fuzzier in my entry than they are on the scrapbook page you click to, even though the pics are the same size. Do you know how I can fix that so that I can post the pics clearly on my entries at the size they appear when you click through to the scrapbook? The LJ FAQ was no help to me at all. Thanks!

Come along this woodland trail where you can feel the breath of the trees on your skin . . . )
I've been getting more down this week as my cold has lingered, but I finally had energy today to walk a couple of laps around the lake and finally have the focus to post. First off, I wanted to mention that after the long discussions of that scene that I mentioned bothered me in FotR in myFotR EE post, [livejournal.com profile] lbilover happened to write a fic that totally fixes the scene and fills in the background to make sense of it way better than anything I was thinking of because she focused on the whole relationship, what Frodo and Aragorn mean to each other, and shows Frodo's will of steel unalloyed. You'll find this wonderfully gorgeous fic here. So I want to give my reviews of seeing the rest of the LotR EE's on the big screen in June. Forgive me if I transpose scenes from RotK to TTT and vice verse, since they're both in my head together, and feel free to let me know.

I went on my own to see TTT at the Bowie theater. The fun fact PJ had to impart in his preview is that Fran Walsh directed the scene when Smeagol tells Gollum to go away. I think PJ kind of botched it a little when he finished up, saying that this is all to say he wasn't directing everything. But no, shouldn't the point be that Fran DID direct some of it and she should get more credit and you're supposed to be promoting her, not bringing it back to you? Sigh.

TTT EEing . . . )
The wonderful [livejournal.com profile] ancalime8301 joined me for the RotK EE. Having determined that Snowden Square still has a superior sound system after seeing TTT in Bowie, we headed to Columbia, tried out a new pizza place that proved tasty, and headed to the theater accompanied by 3 hobbits, an elf, and a human. I brought along these fine folk:

RotK EEing . . . )
A very happy birthday to the very sweet and fun [livejournal.com profile] frolijah_fan_54!!! I hope this year gives you more time to enjoy more leisurely mornings with hot chocolate and all the good things. This wish comes with hobbits and spring flowers.

Bingo & Sam with Mushroom's in Mary's garden 4-1-2011

The friend I stayed with in Chapel Hill has a lovely garden with many fun things among the flowers, as Bingo and Sam found when they took a stroll outside. Sam was very appreciative of the sensibilities of anyone who could put such a fine statue of mushrooms in their garden, for what could be finer than mushrooms? Bingo is about to tell him.

And moooore camellia blooms in Duke Gardens in Durham, NC below )
I'm back a week from my trip down to Chapel Hill, so let me at least post pics one by one until I can write a full trip report.

The first couple of days I was down there it was rainy, but M. and I went out between rains one afternoon to Duke Gardens in Durham, one of the best places down there to see flowers. I brought along the hobbits, and here they are sitting on a bench with camellia blooms.

Bingo and Sam at Duke Gardens with Camellias, 3-31-11
Bingo and sam at Duke Gardens with camelias, 3-31-11

I swearz we did not pick those blooms--the camellias are so loaded with blooms, they strew plenty still in their prime upon the blanket of petals lying beneath each bush. So we picked up a few of those for the hobbits' posing pleasure. I'll be posting more pics of the gorgeous camellia blooms in their lovely variety.
The voice post below is an excerpt from Tolkien's unpublished second Epilogue in The History of the Lord of The Rings, in the History of Middle Earth in which Sam and his daughter Elanor converse. More than first viewing the film of FotR, reading this passage for the first time completely renewed the love I had for Tolkien's writings when I was a teen. In keeping with the theme of this year's Tolkien Reading Day, there are a couple of mentions of trees in the passage.

Click here for the reading and more dollustrations . . .
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( Oct. 11th, 2010 10:56 pm)

Hi! I'm back from NYC where we went to see the TTT symphony, Fellowship! Musical parody of FotR, and a book signing with Doug Adams and Howard Shore. The musical was hilarious and my favorite of the events. The symphony was terrific and spot on and we had the perfect seats, but I had a creepy, annoying guy sitting next to me that ruined much of it for me, so it wasn't a great symphony/film experience for me this time. The signing was really nice, and Howard Shore talked about Frodo and Sam like he shipped them.

Just a little more . . . )
Bingo and Sam wanted to cheer you up, [livejournal.com profile] shirebound, and they thought playing with puppies might do the trick. So here they are:

Bingo has more to say as always and show you under the fake cut to his LJ here.

I hope things ease up for you soon! Feel better, dear friend!

As always, click on the pics to embiggen.
A National Squeeographic Special.

It all started when [livejournal.com profile] lbilover posted a google search that lead to Middle Earth, MD. Google it and you will see. Here's another view.

Saturday was as beautiful a spring day as you could wish for. [livejournal.com profile] ancalime8301 and I gathered our supplies and set off on a journey southeast around the Greenway Beltway and down through the Gap of Rohan Rt 5 to St Mary's County. We knew we were heading the right way when Howard Shore's Shire party music swelled just as a jet from the air show going on in the arena made a big circular con trail above us as we drove.

The land down there is pretty Shire-like, though more like the Westmarch because of being on the water. So we drove down to the end of Clark's Mill Rd, without seeing anything noticeably rabidly fannish Middle Earthy. I stopped at a house at the end of the road where a couple of guys were sitting out and, pulling out my google print outs, asked them if they knew of the place we sought or of any crazed Tolkien fans in the area, but they claimed to know nothing. I still suspect their gazebo overlooking an inlet leading to the bay to be an inter-dimensional portal, but I couldn't very well investigate it with them there. We drove down one of the side roads, Mill Pond Road, to see if we could find any more well, any clues. The dolls got out and looked around a bit.

Aragorn used all his tracking skills to find any clues, but either he found nothing or has declined to report what he found.
The search continues . . .  )
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( Dec. 21st, 2009 11:03 pm)
Snowed in for a 3 day weekend is full of win, even if I have to take my only leave day for snow days. Today, I got out to the metro garage to check on the strays and was greeted by Ostra. A. had been there, but I cleared more of their feeding area and then dug out their shelter, which was snowed in, but dry inside. I'm well exercised and well slept. And I finally got a chance to do a hobbit photo shoot--yay!

Some of my holiday cards--most of the international ones--are in the mail, but most will go out this week and will hopefully make it before the new year. If you'd still like one, please leave me your address on the screened post here or send to my inbox.

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] frolijah_fan_54 for the pretty sparkly card, [livejournal.com profile] hildigard_brown for the card and shiny S/E love, [livejournal.com profile] jan_u_wine for the pretty card, cute oliphant, and wee hay bushel (which can be spotted in the pic below), and [livejournal.com profile] lbilover for the pretty, cool card, the wonderful Frodo stats card, the fic I'm looking forward to reading, and the most exquisite little Fro box, sweet on the outside and in--eeee, so beautiful! <3 *sknishes you all* :-D

Chanukah chobbits wish you a happy solstice! A little late, but they finally got a chance to sit down and celebrate Chanukah. [livejournal.com profile] belleferret, this one's for you! :-D


"If you keep looking at me like that, we're never going to get this one lit before sundown . . ."

Below the fake cut are 8 pics of the moment from different angles--let me know your favorite. Candle 1 would be mine, but there's one thing the light does that I'm not happy with there.

Follow the shamash candle to light the other 8 . . .
Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] delux_vivens and [livejournal.com profile] strangemuses for the lovely virtual snowflake cookies and to [livejournal.com profile] shirebound and [livejournal.com profile] romeny for the lovely holiday cards!

Finally,continues Bingo and Sam's adventures while [livejournal.com profile] claudia603 visited for the TTT Symphony Moot at the end of August. It comes to a close with a trip to Annapolis, MD on Sunday. We all walked around old town a bit and then decided to take a harbor cruise on the Chesapeake Bay.

Sam: I don't know about getting on no boat for to have fun, Bingo-love . . .
Bingo: Trust me, Sam, it will be quite romantic. And I promise to hold you tight the entire time.
Sam: Well, in that case, all right.
Cruising with hobbits . . . )

Here are my hobbits chilling in front of the event poster after the Friday night FotR symphony. On Saturday morning, I finally got a hold of the wonderful Jan-u-wine and we made plans to come see her after the bunch of us had brunch.

The post goes ever on and on, down from the cut where it began . . . )

So it was Friday night in Radio City Music Hall before the the FotR symphony began, and these were excited hobbits. They may not look it, but I can assure you, they were. The hobbit wranglers, belleferret, frodosweetstuff, and I all got our tickets separately but still wound up in the same row a few seats apart from each other, and we managed to rearrange and sit together without any fuss (would YOU want to sit between a couple of hobbit wranglers?), so, luckily, the Frodo's and Bingo didn't have to do a reenactment of Heartbreakingly-Crushed-in-Dimril-Dale to persuade anyone to move.
Bring forth the report, Frodo . . .  )

Last weekend I had the great fortune to join up with some of my hobbit posse in Manhattan to see the FotR symphony, a Tolkien manuscript exhibit, a talk with Howard Shore and some other Tolkien experts, and Billy Boyd's band Beecake. I'm still recovering from a sore throat, congestion, and tiredness, but it was totally worth it, as it was a wonderful time.

I drove up to [personal profile] lbilover's Thursday evening, where I met up with her wonderful self again, and met for the first time the delightful [personal profile] frodosweetstuff and [personal profile] belleferret. They had just gotten back from a Woodjin tour of the Pine Barrens. Having gotten lost in the Pine Barrens when I was a lil kidling, I was with them in spirit on that. Lbilover drove us into the city--bless her--to the Holiday Inn Midtown where we stayed for 2 nights with 8 hobbit dolls. It was quite comfortable, in a good location, and there was enough room for the hobbit dolls to skate back and forth on ice cubes without getting in our way.
It's dangerous business walking out your front door . . . )


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