It has been a long couple of weeks of home and car repair stressors. But I’m finally taking some time to finish my moot write up that I started a couple of weeks ago now. I was a bit absent here in the spring focusing on moot prep, and since it focusing on household stuff that got pushed aside and not so good with keeping up with posts and comments here. I’m working my way back.

So we had this moot Memorial Day weekend. (-:


The moot started a couple of hours later than planned—Friday morning I heard from poor [ profile] hildigard_brown that her flight out of Austin was cancelled and she was rebooked for Saturday afternoon. I was sad not to meet her that morning and for the time she would miss out on, but I took the time to relax, take a walk before the day got too hot, and then drive up to the bus station in Baltimore to pick up [ profile] aliensouldream and [ profile] gabi_fics (from Manchester, UK via NJ, down to DC and back up to Baltimore) getting there just as their bus got in half past noon, and there were their smiling faces and it was a happy reunion! The two of them bought so much happy cheer to be here and with all of us that was infectious.

From Baltimore we went to the hobbity Le Madeleines in Columbia for lunch and happy chatter. Claudia, you remember Le Madeleine’s, right? Actually we talked a lot about politics and I learned some things about Brexit and Rupert Murdock’s machinations thereat (crossing my fingers about the vote today.) A wonderful start to the moot. Then I dropped them at the Greenbelt Marriott to check in, while I went back up to BWI to pick up [ profile] shirebound in from San Diego and [ profile] lovethosehobbit from Salt Lake City and collected my lovely hugs with our reunion and brought them back to the Marriott to check in. lovethosehobbit brought really cute Gandalf & Frodo silhouette bumper stickers for all of us. I need to clean a spot on my car for mine.

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Happy birthday to the wonderful [personal profile] hanarobi!!! Here is a rose from beside the Youth Center in Greenbelt to tide you over until your roses start blooming soon.

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( Jan. 23rd, 2016 09:11 pm)
The storm is winding down here and we didn't lose power around here--I am grateful. It started here around 1 pm yesterday and should be ending in an hour or two. After I dug out my car this afternoon, I slogged around fording a path around my building and measured the snow in a few spots--it ranged form 13 to 18 inches. We should have a few more inches since then. We got off a little lighter int he NE corner of the Beltway than folks to the west of us. Here's out my living room window:

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Pics still from the car on the way to Laramie:

Still in Colorado--here we're approaching the little church at Virginia Dale, CO . . .

. . . and the rocks there, which look a lot like Vedauwoo, for those in the know, and those in the not know, you will see Vedauwoo next post.

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To my beloved flisties,

Saki & Tuxie, 1/14
May your head be as blissfully licked as Tuxie's is here, or the preferred equivalent.

Snow berries, Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt, 1/14
My love for you is vibrant even in the goddamned snow that can go away any time now. There's your Hallmark Moment from me to you'ses.<3

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To my beloved flisties,

Saki & Tuxie, 1/14

May your head be as blissfully licked as Tuxie's is here, or the preferred equivalent.

Snow berries, Roosevelt Center, Greenbelt, 1/14

My love for you is vibrant even in the goddamned snow that can go away any time now. There's your Hallmark Moment from me to you'ses.<3
A very happy birthday to the Wee Master's poet true, my dear [ profile] jan_u_wine. I hope it's been a day full of hobbity goodness that sets your muses singing. A rose for you on your day:

First roses in April by Youth Center, Greenbelt, 4-13

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And this rose goes to our dear [ profile] addie71:
I wish you a very happy birthday of hobbitish delights and may the Wee Gardner's blessings be on all your spring plantings.
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I hope you had a very happy birthday, [personal profile] lbilover! At its close, I bring you squirrel and turtle heavy spam of residents of Greenbelt Lake I took over the past year or so. Also included are a couple more critters who might be denizens of the Woodjinverse. <3


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Here are some pics I took around Greenbelt Lake over the last few weeks for two lovely birthday grrls, dear [ profile] romeny and [ profile] ladysnaps!!! I hope it's been a wonderful and relaxing day for you both. <3

A passion flower. They line the path along the formerly known as the sunny western side of the lake and first bloomed fully in June, got cut back at the beginning of July, and came back with another set of blooms in August. They're blooming still. Hardy little buggers. These flowers always look like elegant beauties from outer space to me, with their strange antennae-like stamens and bright fringe. (-:
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( Aug. 28th, 2011 10:35 pm)
Yay--we just got our power back--it was out for 18 hours starting at 4:30 this morning. So all's good here now. I hope all you folks north of us who were more in the eye are OK.

I didn't get to bed until after 5 am when the winds were settling down, and it took me a good hour or so to get to sleep, but I slept through until 2 in the afternoon--I was pretty exhausted. So then I got up and went hunting for ice, tried several places before I was successful, and came back with my quarry an hour later. The power was out in all of Old Greenbelt through to Greenbelt Road, and lots of branches and leaves were down on my drive, but I saw no downed trees. We're not very flooded because, until last week, most of the storms in the area have missed this immediate area, so we haven't had as wet an August as most of the area has and our water table needed all that Irene brought.

The fridge was up to 50 degrees F, so I think I got the perishables iced up just in time as they had several more hours of power out to go. I still have my perishables in the coolers, so I'm going to clean out the fridge tonight before I put them back in. I don't know if the freezer would have really made the 48 hours they say freezers can go, because, though the freezer was full, the ice cream I just checked seemed pretty soft. However, no ice had melted. Still, I don't think the frozen foods in this freezer should be considered safe after 24 hours. So that's good to know at least for next time.

I went out later this afternoon to check on the strays--they were fine. I gave Ostra her massage and pet down. I don't think I mentioned before but she's fully pettable now and shimmies her tail straight up in the air mewing all the while as I approach--it only took 2 years. (-; I can pet Brigit fleetingly, and she's just started mewing to me, but it's going to take some more months, I think, depending on how jealous she gets of Ostra, and if Ostra lets me pet Brigit; Ostra's trying her best to keep us from touching by swatting both of us. Cats. (-; A. keeps saying she's going to try to trap them and bring them to a fosterer, but I'll believe it when it happens--she's been saying it since spring.

Then I picked up some more ice and batteries on the way home, as I sure made use of the battery powered fans and lights last night. So it's good--I'm almost stocked up again for next time. I made use of every bit of prep I did. I'm sure glad I won't need to get more ice tomorrow--the cost of this stuff adds up, and I'm glad I won't have to truck my frozens to L tomorrow, although I'm very grateful for her offer. And I'm glad I didn't have to buy dry ice--I looked up where I could get it locally and that stuff is expensive--I'm not sure it's worth the expense if you don't keep expensive fish and meat in your freezer. Tomorrow I'll walk down to the lake and see how it looks there.

What an exhausting week! Be safe everyone!
The wind and rain are very loud out there right now. I'm just to the east of Washington and I-95, so we're on the line between hurricane and tropical storm as the eye is along the coastline. Hopefully when the eye runs into NJ and NY it will be quite a bit weaker, so you won't have worse than what we're getting here. There have been a dozen aftershocks from the earthquake into today, but I don't think I've felt any of them--poor folks in Mineral and Louisa.

We lost power for a couple of hours this evening, and I got to break out all my battery operated lights, fans, and radio, and kept doing chores without a hitch and threw a couple of catnip parties to keep the kitties calm. I'm happy to say it came back on after 2 hours, and it's been flickering a lot, but still holding. We're coming into the roughest couple of hours we're supposed to get, so I'll be thrilled if the power stays on through to morning, but I wont' be surprised if it goes out again. Not bad so far, Pepco--keep it up!

I debated whether to park my car in the coop supermarket parking lot a little away from trees, but opted to park it here under the trees where I could keep an eye on it, and have a short haul if I need to get out the 12 gallon cooler I got on sale at Kmart yesterday if the power goes out for more than 4 hours. I did pick the spot I think is safest where I think the trees would most likely fall away from it and branches don't look dead and loose above it. And heck, stuff could blow into it in the parking lot and it could flood there, so I feel better at least being able to check on it and I'm counting on it's sturdy roundness to make things roll off my round, blue, steel vessel.

I'm going to put fresh washed sheets on the bed, give the kitties one more nip party, take another shower, and try to go to bed. Aaand the power just did a big flicker, and there was a big bump sound, so I'd better send this when the modem resets. A safe night and tomorrow to all of my flisties still in the storm's path.
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( Aug. 23rd, 2011 03:36 pm)
Here's info on the seismic zone in VA.

We may have broken the record over one that hit here in 1897 by a tenth of a point. I'm hoping this one counts for this century and not a late one for the last one. They said there we should only get one this big once a century and I'm gonna hold them to it, dammit.
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( Aug. 23rd, 2011 01:54 pm)
We just had the hugest earthquake I think we've ever had here. The hugest I've ever been in. Much bigger than the one we had in 2001. Things have fallen all over the place in here. One glass candle stick got smashed, but all else is OK. Kitties are all OK.
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( Aug. 17th, 2011 01:19 am)
Hey [ profile] ancalime8301!!!! Check this out!

On our way back from seeing RotK in June, Cali and I saw a strange gray creature running across the road in my headlights. My best guess was it was a hairless fox who maybe lost its fur from mange. Or maybe the love-child of Gollum and the fox that saw the hobbits as they journeyed out of the Shire.

Anyway, I just saw this video on the weather channel site, and this has got to be the very fellow, unless there's more than one of them. It was found near a hospital in our county, and the nearest hospital from where we saw it is about 4 miles away. Obviously, it's trucking its way over the area, trying to find the portal back to its home dimension. Seeing it here, it looks a little chubby to be a fox.

What do ya'll think it is? Weird, huh?

Edit: Just found an article on it with a pic and the video here.
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( Aug. 1st, 2011 05:33 pm)
We got rain, a big rain storm, like we didn't get all of last month!!!!

*dances in happy circles that scare kitties*

Happy Froday!

OK now, Maryland Area Hobbit Posse,

I wanna make sure I get my ticket for the

FotR EE on Tuesday, June 14th at 7 pm

by this Monday. I think L. is going to join me. The ticket prices seem to have been standardized at all the theaters at $12.50 per show including the Fandango charge. Who is with me? It's showing in a number of theaters in the area. My suggestion is the Snowden Square Theater in Columbia, MD because Columbia is central for DC and Baltimore peeps, and that theater is lots easier to park at and get close to the theater than the one at Columbia Mall that is also showing the EE's. If you have a preference for another theater in the area please say so now.

Who else also wants to get their tickets for

TTT EE Tuesday 21st at 7 pm
RotK EE Tuesday 28th at 7 pm

Let's see if we can get that all settled in this thread.

Also it's mountain laurel blooming time:

Mountain Laurel at Greenbelt Lake, early bloomer 5-2011

This is an early blooming one last week here at Greenbelt Lake. More are blooming this year around the lake than I've seen before. But the really spectacular place to see mountain laurels bloom is down at Calvert Cliffs State Park in southern MD, which is just covered in them. They should be just about peaking now, and I'm planning to drive down there sometime this coming week between tomorrow and Memorial Day. Is anyone interested in coming with me (and sharing in gas expenses if you can), and we could decide on which day would be good? Cali and I went on this weekend last year and it was gorgeous, and it should be even prettier this year. What say you?
My Powah has been restored!!!! *super villain laugh*

Since I don't get back into Maryland until 7 p.m., and went out and treated my cranky-all-day-self to a yummy empanada and enchilada, got a big pack of D batteries, new pillows, and bananas, I didn't get home until 10:30 p.m. I then returned to a wondrously lit (probably in both senses of the word) street. There was much rejoicing. Yay air conditioner and lights and hot water!!!!

When I opened the freezer some stuff was frozen and about a third of the ice cubes were still formed and loose and not melted into the rest of the ice block, so it's left me wondering if any of my frozen foods are salvageable. I called Pepco, which didn't call me when power was restored like they were supposed to, in order to find out when power was restored, since all my clocks were showing different times. The guy was clueless on that info, but upon my being insistent, eventually found it was restored at 3 p.m. If I can trust that, then power's been on for almost 8 hours, so things could have refrozen in that time. Still, there are those unmelted ice cubes. So I'm going to look around some web sites to find out which, if any, things are salvageable. Probably not the $20 bag of shrimp I got free for bringing a prescription into the grocery store.

Project Clean Out the Fridge will have to wait until tomorrow, as there is a bed in an air conditioned room waiting for me and the kitties--yippeeee!!!!
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( Jul. 26th, 2010 10:54 am)
We had a huge storm yesterday afternoon--looked like hurricane strength winds from the way the trees were swaying and the way the streets look today with downed trees and branches. I've gotten over my very sensible storm phobia that I had for a few years after the tornado here, so it was fun to watch.

My power and telephone at home are still out, and it might not be back for a couple of days. I'm at work right now, and I'll get what email I can from work, but I don't have internet at home right now, so bear with me, please. I can charge my cell phone here at work so I will be reachable by cell tonight.

I have 2 battery operated 12" fans I got earlier this year, which felt like my best investment eva last night. The storm broke the 100 degree weather and 110 heat index we've been having, but it will still go up into the 90's today, so I feel bad for my kitties at home today. My building is shaded cinder block so hopefully, it will stay in the 80's in there. I went out and got ice before going to work this morning in hopes of saving the stuff in my fridge, so crossing my fingers we'll get the power back on this afternoon, but if not, there goes another couple of hundred bucks in ruined groceries down the drain, and I'll need to hit up Home Depot for a bunch more D batteries.
For those of the hobbit posse who are participating in any part of the RotK Symphony Maryland Moot in September, I finally set up a community at

[ profile] mdmoot2010.

so please join it so you can post whatever you need.
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( Dec. 30th, 2009 10:54 pm)

Here's a patchwork quilt of bright colors in the narrowing light of twilight, sans sparkle vampires 'cause this be hobbit country, a well garlicked place.
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