Just wrote a short ficlet about a meeting between Trump and his handlers November 9th and what the dynamic might be. It's pretty dark. Trigger warning for PG bondage imagery.

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Just wrote a short ficlet about a meeting between Trump and his handlers November 9th and what the dynamic might be. It's pretty dark. Trigger warning for PG bondage imagery.

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How could Frodo concentrate when he knew [personal profile] febobe's birthday party was this evening. It was useless. Plus he was feeling unusually weary. Why in Arda was he so tired? And why was the Elvish script, the tengwar starting to dance and spin?

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All pics below are of Sunday's beautiful sunset over Greenbelt Lake. I saw some cloud shapes that made story shapes in me head. There were beautiful pics to capture everywhere I pointed my camera, so I took dozens. I wouldn't know how to begin to pick which of them I should show you all, so the story below helped me pick a manageable amount to upload. I usually sharpen my pics and adjust the light, but I decided to leave these pics as is.

Keep in mind that when I point out the figures and shapes I see in clouds, no one can ever see what the hell I'm looking at. Does this happen to you, too? Maybe it will go better with the photos I take of those shapes, along with some description. If, at the end of this story, you can't find the figure I'm referring to in a photo, please say so in comments and maybe I'll be able to describe it a little further, which will probably be an effort in futility for both of us, and immensely frustrating, and ruin our evenings, and result in multiple defriendings forever and ever, but what's a journal for if you can't use it to show uniquely awesome cloud shapes never before seen in the history of cloudiness ever to your friends, I ask you?

RABBIT AND DRAGON'S DINNER: A Picfic in Clouds and Water

Warnings: This story contains a mythical creature threatening violence to an animal and a general description of dental extraction. There are also descriptions of bleeding applied to cloud colors. In other words, it's a story for children because adults are jerks.

Rabbit hopped along with her head in the Clouds, dreaming her own dreams. Consequently, she did not see Dragon until she was nose to jaws with her. She looked up at Dragon's great red maw, her big red fangs pointing downward, her long steel body with red gleaming ridges wrapping before and above her, the end coiled elegantly behind her, her clear eye fixed on none other than herself, Rabbit, Dragon's next meal.

And Dragon looked at Rabbit's little gray head, and two little gray ears, fluffy gray body, pink paws before and pink legs behind, and bright pink bobbed tail, and Dragon said, "Well now. Dinner has found me."
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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] annwyn55!!! I hope you have a lovely celebration!!! And here's Bingo and Sam on Tol Eressea to celebrate it with a double drabble for you. This pic was taken at sunset at Delaware State Seashore last October--yes the sea really was that color! Click on it to embiggen.

Title: More Sand
Pairing: F/S
Rating: PG Fluff
Disclaimer: Just borrowing J.R.R. Tolkien's hobbits for the shear pleasure of it. And I'd never sell them; I'd keep them if I could.

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When I came onto LJ in 2002, I was interested in reading Frodo/Sam fic, but I found just as vibrant a community for writing about Frodo/Sam/Rosie as a happy triad as there was for Frodo/Sam as a happy couple, and I liked what F/S/R people were doing as well. Now there doesn't seem to be any F/S/R being written anymore, so I figured I'd best do something about that, and since I write about Frodo's discarded early draft incarnation, Bingo, I wrote a Bingo/Sam/Rosie fic for a fic universe I think a lot about for the week 5 challenge at [livejournal.com profile] fffc community on LJ.

Author: lavendertook
Title: The Moment Lately Past
Prompt: Parting (and reunion)
Characters/Pairings/Triad: Bingo/Sam/Rosie
Rating: PG
Word Count: 333, Triple Hobble
A/N: All this talk of Rosie, it's time I wrote a take on their relationship I've been playing with. This is part of an extra-canonical universe that jumps ahead several years from when I have usually been writing about Bingo (The Commuterverse.) It's set in S.R. 1448, 27 years after Bingo first sailed West, and 5 years after Sam first sailed, 40 years before the Red Book's telling, give or take a few months.

You can find it here.


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