And who is more deserving of a vacation on the anniversary of the ring's destruction than Bingo or Frodo and Sam, I ask you? They quite enjoyed their time at the Arizona-Senora Desert Museum and strolling about. Read more... ) Also posted at with comment count unavailablecomments
And who is more deserving of a vacation on the anniversary of the ring's destruction than Bingo or Frodo and Sam, I ask you? They quite enjoyed their time at the Arizona-Senora Desert Museum and strolling about. Read more... )
Happy Birthday to Bilbo, Frodo, and Bingo!!!

Out of the Box  Preview pic 9-22-12

This is a teaser pic for a Baggins Birthday Mathom picfic for [personal profile] lbilover of Bingo and Sam posted in [community profile] tol_eressea here, titled Out of the Box.

*hugs all round*
My voice post for an excerpt of Fellowship of the Ring: Book 2, Chapter 5: The Bridge of Khazad-dum for [ profile] read_lotr_aloud and more dollustrations can be found here in Bingo's LJ.

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( Jan. 3rd, 2010 08:56 pm)

Bingo: To the Professor's eleventy-eighth birthday today!
Sam & Bingo: To the Professor!

More of the Toast 'n' Post can be found here.
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( Dec. 21st, 2009 11:03 pm)
Snowed in for a 3 day weekend is full of win, even if I have to take my only leave day for snow days. Today, I got out to the metro garage to check on the strays and was greeted by Ostra. A. had been there, but I cleared more of their feeding area and then dug out their shelter, which was snowed in, but dry inside. I'm well exercised and well slept. And I finally got a chance to do a hobbit photo shoot--yay!

Some of my holiday cards--most of the international ones--are in the mail, but most will go out this week and will hopefully make it before the new year. If you'd still like one, please leave me your address on the screened post here or send to my inbox.

Thank you [ profile] frolijah_fan_54 for the pretty sparkly card, [ profile] hildigard_brown for the card and shiny S/E love, [ profile] jan_u_wine for the pretty card, cute oliphant, and wee hay bushel (which can be spotted in the pic below), and [ profile] lbilover for the pretty, cool card, the wonderful Frodo stats card, the fic I'm looking forward to reading, and the most exquisite little Fro box, sweet on the outside and in--eeee, so beautiful! <3 *sknishes you all* :-D

Chanukah chobbits wish you a happy solstice! A little late, but they finally got a chance to sit down and celebrate Chanukah. [ profile] belleferret, this one's for you! :-D


"If you keep looking at me like that, we're never going to get this one lit before sundown . . ."

Below the fake cut are 8 pics of the moment from different angles--let me know your favorite. Candle 1 would be mine, but there's one thing the light does that I'm not happy with there.

Follow the shamash candle to light the other 8 . . .
Thank you to [ profile] delux_vivens and [ profile] strangemuses for the lovely virtual snowflake cookies and to [ profile] shirebound and [ profile] romeny for the lovely holiday cards!

Finally,continues Bingo and Sam's adventures while [ profile] claudia603 visited for the TTT Symphony Moot at the end of August. It comes to a close with a trip to Annapolis, MD on Sunday. We all walked around old town a bit and then decided to take a harbor cruise on the Chesapeake Bay.

Sam: I don't know about getting on no boat for to have fun, Bingo-love . . .
Bingo: Trust me, Sam, it will be quite romantic. And I promise to hold you tight the entire time.
Sam: Well, in that case, all right.
Cruising with hobbits . . . )
Some of my hobbit posse and I went to see the TTT Symphony at Wolftrap last Friday night and had a terrific evening.

I picked [personal profile] claudia603 up at the airport Thursday evening, soon followed by a yummy Indian dinner complete with mango lassi's. Much cell phone drama ensued as Ms. Claudia was sought after by one job opportunity after another--she will tell you more later. We spent the morning in, chattering away, eating cinnamon rolls, and paying court to Saki and Moo while Tuxie Feral Boy was deep in hiding, unconvinced Claudia was not a psycho killer yet, ruffian that she is.
The adventure continues . . . )
Happy 40th Anniversary of the Moonwalk!

For [personal profile] mews1945 for her birthday this weekend, and a shoutout to my brother, for whom space flight has always been central, and who will tell me whether that is a Gemini or Mercury capsule pictured. (-:

One small link for hobbits . . .
I wanted to wish [personal profile] belleferret a very happy birthday with hobbits! And since Bingo and Sam accompanied me to the DC Pride Festival last weekend, I thought I'd let them tell you about their day, or, really, mostly about each other, here.



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