Date: 2017-05-30 09:31 am (UTC)
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If you have a sim card for your current phone, you can just buy an unlocked iphone and put the sim in it and be done, no need to buy a new plan or upgrade from your provider. Unlocked iphones start at $400 for the small model and go up from there.

However, you will need to buy a data plan if you want to use the phone to do smart, internet connected stuff when you are away from wifi. The data plan will raise your monthly bill. Buying the phone any way other than full price up front will raise your monthly bill. Smartphones are expensive and their monthly plans are expensive. Be prepared for sticker shock. The cheapest way to go is, as always, prepaid, but prepaid data plans tend to be stingy. On-contract, expect to pay around $75-100 a month depending on how much data you buy.

The only real difference between iphone models is size and age. Age, last year's (the 6s) and this year's (the 7). Size: small ("SE" without a number), medium (no suffix), and large ("plus").

Small, $400. Last year's medium $550, last year's large $650. There's currently no this year's small, and this year's medium and large are each $100 more expensive than last year's. The differences between last year and this year are pretty minor, except the large has two cameras (wide angle and zoom) this year, only one last year.

Medium and large are good if you plan to use the phone as a portable computer and are willing to sacrifice in-pocket and in-hand comfort to have a more pleasant to use screen on your mini computer. Medium sorta fits in a pocket, large is more for your purse. If you have small hands, large may not be a good idea. Small is good if you value in hand and in pocket comfort more, or don't plan to use it as a portable computer all that much, or just need the least expensive option.

For mysterious reasons, Apple doesn't sell refurbished iphones. The phone companies do, though.
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