Date: 2017-05-10 10:01 pm (UTC)
lavendertook: (tides)
From: [personal profile] lavendertook
Maybe not. I think they would be much happier with Pence at the helm--they, too, are experiencing the whiplash he is directing at us and can't be happy with the chaos knowing he can turn on any of them at any time--they like control.

We have to push against Trump even though Pence will be more affective at getting noxious policy through, because if we don't push against El Trumpo we risk devolving into a banana republic and the guns will come out everywhere and there will be bloodshed in the streets. That's the first wave of danger before us. Then, next on tap, we'll have to keep fighting Pence's more orderly evil regime, and work to undermine it greatly in 2018, and totally in 2020.
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