Date: 2017-04-07 05:14 pm (UTC)
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There's some awful stuff in it, mainly aimed at users with more than 3000 subscribers to target Russian political bloggers on LJ, not us smaller users, with provisions detailing these changes are making the TOS in accordance with Russian Federation Law, which includes invasions of privacy on less pretext than is generally accepted in the US (but we'll see how that goes here), so many informed people are leaving rather than agree to the terms. I suspect all the pointing to Russian federation law is LJ staff's way of saying "sorry, we are being forced to include these rules."

I left a message on the LJ-news post which details these changes that I am clicking the agree button under protest, since it is the only way I can keep my 15 year old journal, and I do not agree with Russian Federation law. I doubt they will onscreen my comment, but at least I registered my protest, for whatever it's worth to LJ staff.

But I suspect Russian resistors are better off having LJ still as one of many platforms they can use, if only in coded messages, and I really do feel I support them better by standing witness than leaving LJ.

The LJ news post mentioned purging inactive journals, so if you don't post in them in time they will delete them. Someone posted on DW that you can bypass clicking agree and get into your LJ by disabling java script. I will try that this weekend with my other journals and see if that works for me.
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