Date: 2017-04-06 10:32 pm (UTC)
lavendertook: by me (Jews against trump)
From: [personal profile] lavendertook
Thank you for the info and your thoughts. I guess the thing is that I expected all of the Russian restrictions to apply to Russian LJ users and surveillance of Russians back when SUP moved the servers to Russia, so I don't see the imposition of Russian federation laws as a new thing. The more media platforms Russians have, the more work Russian intelligence has to do to keep track of it all, and the more that can slip past them, so I'd rather LJ kept existing as one among many platforms available to Russians and the occupied territories. Plus SUP's founder/owner, Andrew Paulson is based in the UK so that gives some global dispersion--wish there was more info on his stake in all this--he seems to be interested in the proliferation of media platforms, but I don't know if it's for the same wishes I hold or to what end. For myself I'm not worried--the worst they can do to me as a USian is delete my LJ.
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