I'm not going to mince words here: when Trump told a black woman reporter to go make a meeting between him and the CBC, he was saying "Girl, go get my coffee; you're my secretary and I own you." And that's in the capacity where "girl" stands in as demeaning of both blackness and sex. And "Are they friends of yours?" is "Don't all you people know each other?" with the emphasis on "YOU PEOPLE" as in "not MY people"--"you extraneous OTHERS!"

He's not stupid and he knows how racist he sounded because he knows he doesn't have the black vote anyway. And to play a racist in a power position is to be racist--there is no divide between role and self here. This is what racism looks like. And this is how a white racist models how to enact racism against a black woman for all his constituency. He's saying "keep those black people in their place" though black isn't the term he'd use. He's set to make us miss the days of aversive racism.

And in the form of bigotry that is antisemitism, the "sit down" which is "shut up because you Jews talk too much" and calling Turx "a liar" because "those Jews are sneaky"--Turx had a yarmulke on and so was visibly Jewish before he spoke.

Besides trying to entertain his alt-right neo-nazi base, and encourage them to keep on with the terror, he's realized he is not going to get anyone but the most right-winged of the Jewish community and doesn't care if he alienates the rest of us and is also encouraging violence against us by refusing to address the uptick in violence against Jewish community centers and synagogues while verbally abusing a Jewish reporter. You're insulting me, he says to the man he called a liar before he even spoke--the "YOU are, but what am I?" pre-emptive comeback that plays so well to his constituency.

Transcript of Trump Press conference

So yes, Trump is a practicing racist and antisemite. And he's called open season on Blacks and Jews now, as he has already on Muslims and Latina/os. Together we stand or not at all.

I just needed to get that out there. His "YOU are but what am I?" comeback strategy is so tiresome.

On with the all important investigations of his Russian ties and his taxes.

Let this not be the distraction he intended, so he can be put in the Time Out Room sooner than later.
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From: [personal profile] wordweaverlynn

He treated both reporters with utter contempt and disrespect.
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From: [personal profile] primwood

Thank you for speaking up, speaking out. He is alienating so many groups across the board. Eventually, he hits everyone where it hurts. Why there are some people who still worship him is beyond me. He's the worst.
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From: [personal profile] saraqael

I honestly cannot watch this man speak. I will read transcripts of what he says, but listening to him makes me feel physically ill and angry.

From: [personal profile] jazzyjj

I, too, am horrified by all of the Trump administration's bigotry, hatred, etc etc. etc and I cannot bear the sound of their voices anymore. I hear they're against people with disabilities too, of which I am one. Although, I've yet to come across anything having to do with that. I made a promise this year--to myself and others--to at least dive a bit deeper into politics. I just posted an entry over at my journal that explains this a bit, so anyone who wants to have a look feel free. Don't even get me started on this whole refugee/immigration ban.


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