Just wrote a short ficlet about a meeting between Trump and his handlers November 9th and what the dynamic might be. It's pretty dark. Trigger warning for PG bondage imagery.

That little putz Pence telling Christie where to go. Donald couldn’t get the image out of his head--that look on doofus Christie’s face like Pence just put a collar around his neck and tightened the leash. Ha! He couldn’t stop chuckling to himself as he walked in the room. That little tight-ass Pence was walking over hand extended, and Donald clenched down hard on that hand—just to remind him who’s boss.

Before he finished greeting Pence with, “That’s my little man,” Comey was beside him, quietly speaking, “We have what the IRS found and the deals you made for those Russian bank accounts. We will impeach you the second you make one move we haven’t approved. Remember, I am the Kingmaker.”

Donald felt the shock collar close around his neck as he spotted Paul Ryan. “It’s a good look on you, Donald.” Ryan smiled winningly as he shook Trump’s hand then turned to Pence, “What’s next on the agenda, Mike?”

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