Saki died 11 months ago tonight. Today would have been her 18th birthday, and 18th anniversary of her coming home with me from the PG County Shelter. She would have been old enough to vote in November. You bet she would have voted for Hillary.

Did she not look like a stuffed toy siamese cat in her middle years, especially?

A year earlier with her koala bear nose and big wide eyes.

First pic of her in a plastic crate. Her love affair with plastic crates would last a lifetime.

Saki enjoying her window perch back in the efficiency we lived in until she was 9. I didn't get many pics of her looking at me and the camera until I got the digital one.

So much to see with those big eyes.

Owning her grandparents here back in the very cluttered efficiency.

Happy birthday, little girl. I'm grateful you made it to 17. I just wish you were still here.

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