Ms. Moo aka Princess Holstein the Winsome (called Mooshka by her minion) would like to wish [personal profile] benedict a very happy birthday, provided it does not require her to get up out of her throne, getting up being quite tedious.

However, if dry kibble is provided at the birthday party, she will so grace it with her presence in a flash--just say the word . . . national boundaries are not a problem; oh no, they are not.
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From: [personal profile] alatefeline

Such Moo-nificent graciousness! Such imperial loveliness! KITTY!
benedict: (birds: pals)

From: [personal profile] benedict

aw, thanks, Moo! You're a lovely cow cat.

I will leave out some kibble for her.

From: [identity profile]

The lovely Ms Moo would be a much-sought-after party guest and Benedict would very lucky if she graced his party with her impressive self.

From: [identity profile]

She is a socialite, except when the Mooverse calls her away on Moobusiness.


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