Now what am I forgetting . . . Ah yes! I need to be in bed in time for Sam to bring me first breakfast for [personal profile] febobe's birthday! And I'm late . . .

Febobe BB Dollustrations
Beggin' your pardon, sir, but you need to eat right quick. Mr. Elrond's fixin' to bring you second breakfast real soon. Miss Arwen's going to bring you a heapin' big luncheon and Strider's going to bring you afternoon tea, and then will come dinner and supper and finally the big party for Miss [personal profile] febobe's birthday . . .

Happy Birthday, [personal profile] febobe!!!! (yes, those are some of your BB sneak peaks) (-: *hugs*
zlabya: color art of a dark-haired young woman holding a scrawny Russian Blue cat (Default)

From: [personal profile] zlabya

Oh, my! I love dolls and miniatures! That breakfast looks intriguing--tea and oatmeal with some kind of fruit and a little bottle of milk, and what my Japanese-obsessed mind says is miso soup (a common breakfast item in Japan).
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From: [personal profile] wallace_trust

These pics are so wonderful, and took such time and care!! And I love the outfits, the silver tray and the delicious food! It looks like you've built a whole dollhouse for these sweeties :D


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