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( Oct. 21st, 2016 10:12 pm)
I'm going to attempt to do a blood glucose curve on Tuxie this weekend.

I managed to do a first reading tonight--starting this has been a big fear and procrastination conquered, with more poking of the poor baby. But fear of failing him overcame fear of lancing him and learning a new tech tool. But he hasn't been well and I'm worried about him. We see the vet on Tuesday. I'd like to have a good curve reading (testing his blood glucose levels every couple of hours throughout the day) to bring in with us.

Please send good thoughts our way.
A very happy belated birthday to [ profile] elwenlj!!! I know you've had a good one with [personal profile] febobe--may it be the beginning of an awesome year for you.

Autumn settling in today at Greenbelt Lake
I had a nice weekend. Yesterday morning I lead a hike with a few members of my group for older lesbians around Greenbelt Lake a couple of times. Then we had lunch at the Silver Diner. I was wiped and achy for the rest of the day and was just lazy.

I took another walk around the lake today and then [personal profile] zlabya and I went to see The Queen of Katwe, a sweet uplifting film about a girl of Katwe, a slum of Kampala, Uganda, who becomes a chess champion. Formula upward mobility tale, excepting its not about white men, and nicely done, and what a beautiful new actress for the lead, Madina Nalwanga, and with the gorgeous Lupita Nyong'o as her mother.

So here's pics I took the last couple of days, if you'd like to come along:

Just a couple of trees are turning so far, and this is one.

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The Guardian had an interesting spread today of a photographer's work on the flight path of birds through sequential photos. I'm paging [ profile] lbilover on this one.

And if you're not following Nate Silver's site featuring election poll data, he wrote up a very interesting article on the differences in the electoral map if only men or only women were voting, with brief musings on science fictional scenarios for voting being restricted to women only. Well done, Nate, well done. Those maps say an awful lot.
Happy Birthday, [personal profile] supergee and Happy Belated Birthday, [personal profile] misschili!!! I hope they are the start of great years for you.

Here, have some excellent cats!!!

Tuxie and Moo in proximity, engaging in their strenuous morning routine.

Mooshka and her very pink ear interiors.

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( Oct. 4th, 2016 09:07 pm)
I lost my Saki a year ago tonight. No, it's not so sharp anymore--she belongs to the past now. I so miss her bright sparkle in my life, but I'm so grateful she made it to 17 and I had 16 good years with her.

I think this is my favorite pic of her: Smiling Saki Owning her Mouse and Me.

I've uploaded below a 4 pic pre-digital fight sequence with her best sparring partner, her big sis Milli, who left several years before her. Maybe they are having fun sparring even now in a sunny corner in Primroses:

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For my sister in mermaid and cat loving, Happy Birthday, [personal profile] claudia603!!! I hope you have had a most excellent day off and Helo and Merlin have been good cuddle buddies to start you off in a year full of love and happiness!!!! Here's some pics I found that I had to share with you:


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Happy Belated Birthday, [personal profile] hederahelix!!!! I hope it was the beginning of a great year for you of good health, fun, and way better air travel karma, my friend!!!

Here are some rose of sharon blooms to put on your cyber table. *hugs*
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( Sep. 24th, 2016 06:14 pm)
Happy birthday, [ profile] romeny and [ profile] ladysnaps!!!

Here's some ElijahBlue reflected skies in Greenbelt Lake to brighten your day.

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Happy Birthday to Bilbo, Frodo, and especially, oft forgotten, early draft Bingo!!!

I went on a very Shire-like hike on Saturday morning in the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area in Howard County, and saw some things that should accompany the Bagginess on all their hikes.

Woods full of ferns and mosses gentle on the feet.

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( Sep. 20th, 2016 09:54 pm)
Happy Birthday, [ profile] lbilover!!!!! I hope it is a wonderful one, my friend! I bring you turtles (various sliders and snappers) and wood ducks from Greenbelt Lake to help you celebrate. May your year be full of love and happiness.

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( Sep. 18th, 2016 08:54 pm)
My bedroom ac is not working again. It just makes everything so much harder. I hate everything.

Tuxie and his little shaved leg.


Tuxie is doing lots better. When he first came home after 3 nights at the emergency clinic 2 weeks ago, he was so full of love, he nuzzled me for hours--he's usually more of a rub against your legs or a short rub to your hand if he's liking being petted, but if he could have purred himself into my pores he would have, he wanted to be so close. He rubbed on Moo as if she was Saki, and got hisses to back off, then she came up and snuffled his face, so it was OK. He's since gotten back to his usual more self-contained sweet self.

The great thing is his neuropathy has reversed. He's walking totally on his toes and jumping into the bathroom window and on the sunroom cat tree like he hasn't in almost 2 years, which is wonderful to see. He's still looking interestedly at the kitty condo in the living room without jumping on it, so I don't know if his neuropathy is all the way better, but it's something. The vet lowered his insulin dose when I saw him the week before, and we'll see if it can be reduced further when we see the vet this week. I don't know if he's going into full remission, or just will be able to be on a small dose of insulin from now on--I'm sure hoping for remission. So the seizure may be due to having been able to get the carbs out of his diet a few weeks ago, but we can't know for sure without doing a brain MRI, which involves anesthesia, which I'm not willing to put him through, anytime soon at least. He's on an anti-seizure pill I give him twice a day for 3 months--he loves pill pockets, so it's easy.

I got a pet glucosemeter, lancets, and test strips, so if he ever has another seizure, I'll know if he is hypo- or hyperglycemic, and know whether he needs insulin or a sugar source, so I don't make the same mistake I made this time that made things worse. I got a lesson on using it at the vet, but I have some reading up to do on how to set it up still--bleh.

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From the Fair And Balanced Newsroom:

Hillary Clinton Refuses to Release Pictures of Urinating in a Public Fountain

Hillary Clinton has been proven to be a human being, although statements of this fact have not yet been released by her campaign. Furthermore, they have failed to disclose that she is subject to disease and aging, eats daily, how many times a day she uses the toilet, and exactly how many sheets of toilet paper she uses per bathroom visit. "I think Hillary probably doesn't use toilet paper. I haven't seen her use any." Donald Trump announced at a rally earlier today. Many speculate what she may be hiding about her toilet paper use, or lack thereof.

It has been noted that, unlike Donald Trump, she has 2 X chromosomes and is therefore frail, lies, and isn't very fun to listen to. "Her voice reminds me of my mother, my mother-in-law, my ex-wife, and my sixth grade reading teacher. For some reason, Donald Trump's voice doesn't affect me that way." Kenny Mipainonly, a Trump supporter in Fort Wayne, Indiana explains. "I just want Muslims and Mexicans thrown out of the country and have a beer with David Duke, and it deeply offends me to be called mean names like "racist" and "xenophobic" by some b***** for stating my opinion."

Donald Trump stated that it is very unfortunate that Hillary Clinton has 2 X chromosomes and he will reveal audits of his Y chromosome very soon. Furthermore, he is known to be inhuman, and therefore not subject to aging. When asked if he is subject to oxidation and rust, he said this is an advantage and makes him stronger and a better leader, as anyone can plainly see.

Because Hillary Clinton has been revealed by an FBI commission to be human, there is much speculation as to whether she will be replaced as a candidate for the presidency by Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, or anyone else attached to a white penis, and therefore harboring the possibility of immortality, as well as the hope to surpass the arc of Vladimir Putin's urine trajectory in a public fountain.

There is much speculation about this and we will continue to report every speculation as the utmost newsworthy item to report. We will continue to demand pictures of Hillary Clinton's lack of urinating in public fountains on a daily, even hourly basis to best serve our deserving public until such demands are met.
A very happy birthday to [personal profile] ink_gypsy!!! May it be filled with purring hobbits and dancing cats--er, other way around, or maybe not.

Tuxie sends his best greetings from his window feeding perch.
Ms. Moo aka Princess Holstein the Winsome (called Mooshka by her minion) would like to wish [personal profile] benedict a very happy birthday, provided it does not require her to get up out of her throne, getting up being quite tedious.

However, if dry kibble is provided at the birthday party, she will so grace it with her presence in a flash--just say the word . . . national boundaries are not a problem; oh no, they are not.
Saki died 11 months ago tonight. Today would have been her 18th birthday, and 18th anniversary of her coming home with me from the PG County Shelter. She would have been old enough to vote in November. You bet she would have voted for Hillary.

Did she not look like a stuffed toy siamese cat in her middle years, especially?

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( Sep. 2nd, 2016 10:56 pm)
I brought Tuxie home an hour ago. He is half on my lap licking his paws. He had a big dinner and ate just fine.

The doc told me this afternoon that he was not eating today--he had been eating fine previously, so this was a worrisome development. What she failed to mention is that last night they put the Cone of Shame on him because he had started worrying at his catheter site (worrying at it because he was feeling better and not doped up anymore). Doh! Yes, a big cone around your head can be a great inhibitor to eating wet food--who knew? The tech was hand feeding him some Temptations treats throughout the day just to make sure he had something--high carb dry treats--just what a diabetic cat needs to mess with his blood sugars . . . they meant well. I am so glad to have him home you have no idea.

So far so good, and we'll see how it goes with his meds and his body chemistry. I have great plans for the three of us to do lots of sleeping this weekend. I hope we can pull it off. (-:
Tuxie can see!!!!! I just spent an hour loving him up, and the doc didn't know--she said he was still blind and didn't have a good prognosis on it when I spoke to her on the phone an hour earlier, but when I got there and got him in the visiting room, his pupils narrowed when he faced the window and he went to sit by the floor length window and his head moved with the cars going by and he clearly watched a man walking toward the clinic, and he looked me in the eyes several times, and negotiated walking by narrow chair legs like a pro. So if he can't see perfectly, he can well enough for HouseCat Purposes. Thank goodness!

I'm so relieved. He's definitely doing better, but I am leaving him the night because we have to see how his blood sugars do before I can bring him home and try to keep him seizure-free. Thank you for all the awesome support through another whopper of a trial. I love you all. *hugs*
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( Sep. 1st, 2016 12:40 pm)
Thank you for all your hugs and support. Yesterday was tough. Tuxie had more seizures yesterday morning after I left him and they were giving him valium, but once the seizures stopped, they started him on keppra in the afternoon and when I got to see him he was pretty doped up, but enjoyed catnip rubs and being petted asleep. They really weren't sure what was going on yet.

He hasn't had any more seizures and the doctor today thinks all of it is more likely blood sugar related than other brain issues, so she doesn't think the ultrasound is necessary (it's been a different doctor each day--that's how things roll at the emergency clinic). She says he is responding well now and they are starting him on his insulin at a lower dosage and we will see how he does. He could go home tonight, but it might be a better idea to keep him overnight--I'd rather have his blood sugar be monitored for 24 hours after starting his insulin again, frankly. I will go visit him this evening regardless. He is still blind--it could take days or weeks to return, or not at all.

I didn't get home until after 4 am Tuesday night, so I'm still exhausted and headachy and shaky today. I'm lucky to be teleworking at home.

Moo seems to be doing fine--I don't know what she thinks of Tuxie not being here. She ate more wet food this morning than she had been--a good ounce--only the one wet food so far seems to be acceptable among other flavors and brands I've tried. But she hasn't been eating much over 1 ounce a day, which I don't think is enough, so I'm giving her a little dry food at night again. I do not know if the removal of dry food changed Tuxie's balance or not, but it could have been the cause--it may be that he needs less insulin from now on if we get through this. He was eating more of his wet food, and has been eating well at the vets still. He will need to be on the keppra for 3 months. I hope to hear from our vet Dr C today and hope maybe he can shed more light on why Tuxie was having a low blood sugar seizure when I got home 14 hours after his last insulin dose before I dosed him. I wish I had gone home sooner. I am very tired.


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