I want to read Volume II of the Mueller Report, not Volume I. I can't find any link to Volume II.

The pdf is a mess to get through on a small screen and does not contain Vol II and yet I'm seeing a lot of reporting referring to it. Vol II has all the obstruction narratives.

Anyone have a direct link to Volume II? Thank you.
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( Mar. 28th, 2019 11:52 pm)
Happy Birthday, Shirebound! May it be a wonderful and peaceful year for you and the whole Shirehousehold!!! <3 and hugs!!!

Backyard May 14, 2018

This pic is of one of the blooms on the ginormous rhododendron bush in my backyard last May. (-:
Do not be daunted
by the enormity of the world's grief.
Do justice, now.
Love mercy now.
Walk humbly, now.
You are not obligated to complete the work,
but neither are you free to abandon it.

-The Talmud via a friend on fb /(Talmud 303/commentary mash-up}/Rabbi Rami Shapiro translation?

I'm so sad about Rose Mallinger, 97, survivor of the Holocaust, murdered in Pittsburgh.

Also I need to respond to a number of media statements: Jewish identity is not just about faith, but a cultural/ethnic/religious identity mash-up that is not monolithic.

Not all Jews are white. There are many Jews of color. Being Jewish and growing up in a mostly Christian white town in which I was Othered instilled a liminal identity in me in relation to whiteness. I've got lots of thoughts on the construction of whiteness in shifting relations to cultural, ethnic, and national identities that I won't get into here.

I'm Jewish and agnostic with mystic/witchy leanings. I'm more familiar with the Old Testament than the New because I studied it in college in relation to other ancient middle eastern religions and cultures with a particular interest in my Jewish identity. My family did not belong to or attend synagogue, but they instilled a strong Jewish identity in me and I had Jewish community through relatives and my parent's friends, though as a child I longed for more. But I studied Latin in high school, sang in Christian masses with choirs in churches, and favored the Catholics in the Protestant/Catholic divide in my town because Catholic cathedrals and robes had more glitz, gorgeous architecture, and stained glass, and I've always been a worshipper of beauty and craft.

When listening to Tom Lehrer's song National Brotherhood Week, my whole family would joyfully chime in to sing, "And everybody hates the Jews!" because that's how Jewish humor rolls, and why most of us aren't surprised by the level of antisemitism we're seeing now with the U.S. bully pulpit's encouragement, just sad and more worried, as are all of you. I'm still going to put my electric menorah in my front window in the new house.

Love and healing to the survivors in the hate shootings in Pittsburgh and Kentucky.
Being falsely accused of sexual assault has got to be, in part, infuriating, if indeed you think that's what is happening to you. But even if you are falsely accused (2 to maybe 10% of sexual assault accusations), it is still nothing compared to being sexually assaulted and having your personhood violently and intimately reduced to someone else's whims and assumption of greater personhood. Nothing. Nada.

False accusation when at a height of power, which is what the presumption of innocence here assumes, such a source of ultimate angst for the Republicans as Collins affirmed yesterday does not undermine your ability to survive and perform to your abilities like being assaulted and abused does--of course this is backed up by science and you have to actually embrace scientific method to believe this and many Republicans do not.

Being falsely accused could undermine the height of your aspirations, but not your ability to survive--there is a major difference there. Only the extreme privilege of being wealthy, connected, white, and male could make someone think otherwise.

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I hope you've had a good birthday, despite the larger world and Helo and Merlin are making much of you. This is an iris that bloomed in front of my house in May, remembering you like irises. *many hugs*

Orange Iris in front of house--5/18
I hope you are both having a great one!

These are rhododendron blossoms in my new backyard back in May. (-:


This is a hobbity tableau I put together on my desk at work with little metal Ringbearers. Note the hobbity outhouse they have. Wonder how long it took them to get a permit for that . . .

Experimenting with emailing pics--working on it.
Happy Baggins Birthday to any Baggins to whom it applies and all who love them!!! (-:
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( May. 20th, 2018 11:01 pm)
Happy Birthday, Hanarobi!

And now an important birthday wish I send you: May the fluffy ones keep their fluff out of your cake icing.

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( Apr. 27th, 2018 06:27 pm)
Testing crossposter again.
OK, dw is not crossposting my friends-only posts to LJ. I'm trying a public post now. Let's see if that works.
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( Mar. 28th, 2018 10:27 pm)
Happy birthday, dear [personal profile] shirebound! May your birthday finally be the herald of spring after this long hard winter, and be full of long lasting blooms!

*many hugs*
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( Feb. 17th, 2018 03:59 pm)
My home is filled with nifty space-saving devices that I haven't had time to deploy.

That is all.
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( Feb. 5th, 2018 12:21 am)
Happy Birthday, [personal profile] ancalime8301!!! Moo comes bearing a rainbow girdle to brighten your birthday. That is, too, her happy face!

We hope it is a good one and that Maia and Hana are giving you birthday cuddles and purrs. *hugs*
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( Jan. 23rd, 2018 07:18 pm)
Ursula K. Le Guin died yesterday. I'm glad to hear it was a peaceful passing and with family.

I'm especially holding her tuxedo cat Pard in my thoughts who is bereft a great adorer and missing accustomed scritches.
The government shut down has ended. The Democrats backed down and accepted the Republicans' promise to maybe discuss DACA sometime next month, if they feel like it, and if Trump can't think of anything else to twitter about.

In return, the Republicans demand that all Dreamers below the age of 2 be brought to the Congressional larder for a feast in Trump's honor to sate his and Congressional Republicans' hunger for baby flesh.

Additionally, Lucy van Pelt agrees to hold the football for the Democrats to kick . . . .
I read a lifestyle advice article on my home feed on FaceBook that listed a few of my friends on top. It was from a credible source, the NYT, but not a section of the NYT I would have picked out myself. I had some thoughts about it and looked around trying to see how it got on my home feed--which friend it came through, with no luck. In fact, I really don't know if the friends listed on it had read the article or had negative or positive reactions to it. When I went back to my feed to look closer at this info, the article had disappeared. Granted, I am still a FaceBook novice, since I avoid posting there, and perhaps savvy old timers can track these things with ease, but I have my doubts. I don't know how this article really got to my home feed. And if a casual attempt to track it doesn't reveal these answers readily to me, then it probably doesn't reveal those answers to most FaceBook users. Most likely, the question does not even occur to many FB users.

My friends on Facebook are all very bright, liberal or progressive. My home feed is full of news articles filtered through opinion pieces, but it is often not clear if the opinion is from my friend or one of their friends or a more removed pundit. Though I agree with the anti-Trump, progressive point of view of most all of my FaceBook friends, I find the difficulty of tracking who is making the comments very troubling. It's no way to get your news or to discuss news, and it is so easy to game and to slip in bots. Today I saw friends perhaps passing on the complaints of progressive groups about changes FaceBook is making to its news dissemination process, though I am not certain this came with my friends' approval, but whatever changes FB makes, they will not be worse than how it currently works or solve these problems and make it better.

Why are smart people using FaceBook to discuss politics when attributions are so fast and loose there? Why have they left behind other forms of social media blogs (like dreamwidth and LJ) where what articles you pass on are ones you have clearly linked to with your own html links and where your words are published on your own blog? More importantly, why are smart people using FaceBook to get their news feeds instead of going directly to news and blog sites they trust? FaceBook obscures the pathways the articles take and the attribution of commentary. It's horrible.

Why put your trust in FaceBook? The convenience is not worth the power you give this one web source by depending on it.

So yes, this is another futile anti-FaceBook screed. The only reason I look at FB is because so many smart people have left our social media homes for that horrid interface, and many people I know from various walks of my life have made it their social media home. In the last year I have been clicking there more because it is the only website where they congregate, and I give thumbs up and heart emoji's, but its not a place I want to put my words, pics, and time. It's a good interface for advertising events--concerts, meet-ups, and book launches, and should be used for such. But I worry about so many smart friends using it as a newsfeed--and how little use it has for the kind of productive political discussion you can still have on blogs.

It's not the internet as a whole that is making our society more stupid--it's FaceBook prime and center, more than any other site. And if we don't want FB's diffusing of attributions and ways of giving room for bots to play, then we have the power of keeping it from being so ubiquitous by not making it a prime source for news and political discussion, if not personal posts.

FB is a wrong turn in the evolution of social networking blog interfaces.

Dreamwidth and LJ are still my prime internet homes and will continue to be, and I will keep hoping my friends will come to their senses and come back or migrate to other old style social networking blogs that foster better interaction and political thought. But I really hope most of all they will stop using it as a news aggregator--by the way it is set up, it can easily mislead you about who is recommending the articles that appear before you, and narrow instead of broaden your news sources in the process. What looks like convenience on FB wastes your time (and synapses) instead of saves it.
We always said 'bombadeuterneuterpotomus'.

Even Walter Cronkite said 'bombadeuterneuterpotamus'.

You just didn't understand us, not because we were meteorological specialists . . .

. . . but because we used to say it in mouse language, which is above the frequency of normal human hearing. That was before the 24 hour news cycle, when cats ruled the earth instead of the internet."


Like that.

Now like me on facebutt! Good doggie!

There is no climate change. Only Zuul . . .
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( Jan. 3rd, 2018 08:19 pm)
To the Professor!

We are on the edge of the bombogenesis storm and may get 2 inches or a coating of ice all frothed up with high winds for the morning commute.

Just to get all that slipping and falling stuff out of the way, as I was walking around my car when I got home, I tripped over a branch and ran a few steps trying to outrun the fall, but to no avail and landed on the outside of my left hand, wrist and arm, knee (the bad one) and calf, but I think I might have fallen on my face if I didn't run those few steps, so that was better than loosing all these teeth I've paid so much for, right? And it was on dirt, rather than the asphalt drive, so that's good. I've been on and off dizzy this afternoon, probably due to the fast dropping barometric pressure, and I'm sure that contributed to my loss of balance. I'm all bruised and rotted feeling. I'm hoping the feds will call for unscheduled telework tomorrow to lessen the amount of people on the roads, because I'd like to stay on my couch between my cats all day tomorrow.

And Happy New Year, flisties! I have higher hopes for 2018 than I had for 2017, which isn't saying much, but let's hope 2018 comes through for us all. <3
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( Jan. 2nd, 2018 08:14 pm)
Happy Birthday, dear [personal profile] minoanmiss!!!

May you have a wonderful and continuing birthday celebration full of love and fun and contentment!

The pic is from the summer past.
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( Dec. 26th, 2017 07:39 pm)
I saw The Last Jedi yesterday--2 thumbs up! I had problems with a couple of things, but mainly I really liked it. Of the original trilogy, "A New Hope" has always been my favorite. And I never saw the 3rd prequel, I was so not into them. I like the new film as much as my favorite of the first trilogy. This film felt as good-hearted as "Wonder Woman", and I like it maybe as much.

Spoilers Ho!
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Dear World,

As a US citizen, I want to apologize for our (not our) president and the petty threats he made this week, like some third-rate mafia boss wannabe, or monstrous toddler holding his breath and turning redder until he explodes (if only), in reply to the world's response for his inability to responsibly foreign policy, not that anyone thought he could.

In fact, many of us would like to apologize for everything he's done as our president. Many of us would walk on nails, if that would get him out of office. Every time we think it can't get more shamefully embarrassing having him as our president, it gets worse. More of us voted for Clinton, but we can't manage to fix the antiquated method that let him claim the presidency. This isn't an excuse, or even an explanation; it's a despairing cry for pity, and a hope that you won't let this happen to you. Most of us really are sorry. You wouldn't believe how sorry.

In this spirit, I just want to stand on a street corner and yell:


OK, having said that, I feel a little better . . .
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( Dec. 19th, 2017 07:24 pm)
Happy Last Evening of Chanuka!!!!

One of my regular menorahs in front of my electric menorah in the window. Those are paper Chanuka napkins at the base to collect any drips--we could talk about another base collecting drips, but we'll keep this entry nonpolitical.

Tradition doesn't specify a rainbow or putting the candles in rainbow order, but why wouldn't you if you could, I ask ya? Pink, red, orange, yellow, white shamash (Go Akkhad!), spring green, dark green, light blue, blue candles--would only be better if I had purple or lavender candles to add in--and no, I'm not a bit OCD. You don't get a full menorah until day 8--hooray for Day 8!!! And you don't have to stop lighting the menorah until you're good and ready. I've really enjoyed the lights this year.

Moo and Tuxie are very unadventurous cats, which means I don't have to worry about them knocking over the regular menorah. First of all, they have to notice it. It doesn't impress them any. Not much does. Right now they are beside me--the menorah is in the window in front of us. Moo is snoring loudly, and Tuxie is drooling on his tail. Sleep specialists. They are the best there is at what they do.
I am so sorry, but I am woefully behind on getting presents and cards sorted and out. Don't expect anything from me until January. Meh. And when the end of January comes, I will accept defeat for whatever didn't get done and turn toward trying to get things out for the next year end. Like every year.

I've wanted to be more of a presence here on my journal and posting pics, but life keeps feeling like a boat being rifted away from shore and I feel like I can't get anything done.

But I've gotten to do some fun things this year too I've wanted to tell ya'll about and haven't. Maybe I can do a year in review. What a year we've gotten through; on the macro level it has sucked rocks and spit them in our eyes. I am shaking less than this time last year, though--what new lows we've become accustomed to.

I'm starting working in a new department at work, and work and pressure is slowly revving up--both good and bad.

Nothing majorly bad has occurred so far this year for the cats and me, on the personal/health level, so I am grateful. And I am grateful for all of you being here, carrying on and reminding me I am not alone. <3

Great Blue Heron on Greenbelt Lake in October
I'm going to write about Trump's dangerous cooption of a famous quote, the wonderfulness of Doug Jones, and a bad idea Jones stated that I hope he can correct.

Giving up Liberty for Prosperity

I'm not a Twitter user and found my peace of mind easier to maintain when I stay away from media reports on Trump's feed, and just note the topic on which he spoke; was it racist, sexist, islamiphobic, etc. rather than reading for the quote.

But I read the speech Trump released yesterday and am stuck on his theft of Benjamin Franklin's phrasing to state, "Any nation that trades away its prosperity for security will end up losing both." This time, it's our liberty he's swindling from us with his paraphrase.

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from Mooshukah

and Tuxukah

'n' dis Jewshukah

to YOUshukaaaaaaaaah!!!!

And good on Alabama, too!!!! \o/
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( Dec. 7th, 2017 10:22 pm)
I wasn't glad Franken was resigning, until he made his little infuriated goodbye speech. What a piece of entitled crap. it's OK, dude, we'll carry on just fine without you!

Ah, the taste of "my being called sexist/racist/homophobic is far WORSE than the bodily and lifetime harms that assail you Non-Standard Issue People because I was promised to be The One! And you don't really appreciate that I did something for you Non-Standard Issue People! Last time THAT will happen!"

That whole speech just felt like the indignant silence, denial, or accusation every time you defend yourself against harassment, a grope, or dare to bring up why you found a statement or situation sexist/anti-non-standard issue person.

Don't let the door . . . and all that.

For [personal profile] baranduin: One more reason why Carrie Fisher is the Goddess of the Resistance, and Princess General for all times and places can be found in this story related by a friend of hers who was sexually assaulted by yet another man with power in Hollywood, as reported in The Guardian and other papers today.
Happy belated Birthday to [profile] ibilover!!! Here is your promised spam. A collection of some of the fauna I saw this year around Greenbelt Lake:

A pair of wood ducks in the early spring.

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I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled this morning due to an abscess that developed a couple of weeks ago in the lower tooth. The top one had to go, too, just for balance, or some semblance thereof. I had lovely nitrous oxide while their broadcast played the Moonlight Sonata, which was perfect, but all that did not manage to dull the pain of the roof of the mouth novocaine shot when it came--I involuntarily eeped high, followed by a growl, but fell back into the nitrous oxide calm in a few minutes. The dental surgeon was nice and quick and I was surprised when he told me both teeth were out. Now I'm on antibiotics. It's been 4 hours and the novocaine isn't completely worn off, but I suspect I won't need the percoset they gave me. I am slightly head achy.

I am in particular solidarity with Tuxie because the poor baby had 2 teeth pulled on Monday and a dental cleaning, and he was given a shot of bupronephrine (narcotic) for pain and covenia (antibiotic), and I gave him onsinor anti-inflammatory pills for 3 days and he was in bad shape for those 3 days. I don't want him in pain, but I suspect he was over medicated and that may have been as bad as dealing with pain for him. He was restless, and probably didn't get a wink of sleep for at least a day, constipated and not eating well, and alternately head-butty affectionate and terrified hiding from me--I suspect fearing I would take him to the vet again. It was very sad-making. Since I don't seem to need the narcotic, I'm wondering if he would have been better off without it. I don't know if he would have had that reaction anyway to the drugs he was put out with for the procedure. He is thankfully all back to normal now. We're in it together, little boy!

I am now sitting comfortably on the sofa with Tuxie curled against my left side, and Moo with her head on my lap on the right side. For my reward I get this wonderful company, I will do nothing this afternoon but read my book--I'm in the middle of the second book in Mary Doria Russell's The Sparrow duology: it's excellent--and, alternately nap when ready. It's sunny through the trees out my pretty window, but the world outside will have to carry on without me. As soon as I finish typing this, I get to have cake. I deserve cake for surviving those needles. If I feel up to it this evening, I will finish the eclipse post.

Awwww, Tuxie's little hot pink paw beans! And Moo's little fuzzy head! (-:

Pickles the Hobbit Cat celebrates the Bagginses birthday in typical cat fashion. Party on, you crazy cat!

Here are pre-quest Bagginses bonding by Atariel on DeviantArt.

Happy Bagginses Birthday to all the hobbit-hearted here! Yes, you!!!! <3
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( Sep. 11th, 2017 12:19 am)
This is a credible source I'm familiar with, but it misses what's important and talks all about Hemingway--blah, blah, blah. I don't know TMZ and how credible a source it is, but this article focuses on what's important: all 55 cats at the Hemingway House in Key West made it through Irma!!! Yay!!! OK, all other sources I've looked at say it's 54 cats, but I'm going to go with this one. Maybe a kitten was born during the storm, OK?

The parents took us to the Hemingway House when I was 6 or 7 and there were cats everywhere there and I was in heaven, so this was a special spot in my Irma concern. I know it doesn't help anyone from Barbuda, but I'm glad the cats and curators at HH made it through fine.

Here's another article on the 54 55 Hemingway cats with an explanatory vid showing some of them engaging in the very exciting sport of Multiple Cats sleeping on Beds--watch the gray one's expert utilization of the casual ear flick. Note the black and white cat named after the famous statesman I.M. Snowball. May they all sleep comfortably and soundly today.

I will get back to eclipse reporting--just had to pass on the happy news!
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( Sep. 4th, 2017 11:33 pm)
A very Happy Birthday to [personal profile] ladyjax today and to [personal profile] benedict tomorrow!!!

This would have been Saki's 19th birthday/coming home day. I was so lucky to have such a clown and sweetheart in my life for 16 years--many were hard years that I am grateful for because she was in them for the brightest moments.

Saki in a Bag 7-13

My Eclipse Trek was a short 3 day there and back again kind of trip that I started hopefully planning through google wanderings 2 months ago and really came together the end of July when Debra agreed to come with me and introduced me to her petsitter D at her party. I read an article on the upcoming eclipse, probably from the Washington Post 2 months ago and learned the term the "Path of Totality", that the eclipses I saw as a kid were only partial, and that all kinds of cool special effects I missed could be seen only if you are in the Path of Totality. So my desire to see this astronomical wonder only started then.

The closest route to the Path of Totality was straight down I-95 to South Carolina. I knew motels in the Path of Totality would have been sold out long already, so I looked at availability in Florence, SC, which also had the advantage of being on the cross roads to the closest point of totality straight down I-95 to Santee, SC, east to Charleston, SC, or west to Columbia, SC. I'd aim for Santee, but tried to do research for good viewing spots around Columbia and Charleston if clearer skies were predicted that morning in either of the latter places rather than Santee. Florence had plenty of vacancies in July, but started filling up fast in August.

I made a reservation 2 weeks before at the Thunderbird Inn , a basic economical 2 star hotel, much like most of the places my family stayed at during our family vacations. It had definitely seen better days, but was plenty comfortable, and yet seemed to put a lot of its budget into landscaping, which was a big attraction for me, because seeing palm trees out the window in the morning would be my solace if clouds spoiled the view we were traveling to see. I could take palm trees and Spanish moss as my consolation prize, as it's been more than a decade since I've seen them. Stretching my back swimming in a pool looking up at palm trees would help make the long drive more doable.

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Though the skies were partly cloudy, my friend D and I were graced with a clear view of the total eclipse today, as we sat on the shores of Lake Marion in Summerton, South Carolina a few yards from the centerline of the path of totality. It was such a quick 2 1/2 minutes of total eclipse! We were so fortunate and my heart goes out to people who were hoping, and especially those who traveled far whose views were totally obscured by clouds.

We saw it. We both missed the first diamond ring because we didn't know you should take off the glasses while you still see a tiny sliver of orange, but we saw the ending diamond ring right before we put our glasses back on. I saw red-pink Baily's beads around parts of the moon's circumference during most of totality--at least I think I did--I didn't know you could see them the whole time. We got to see the wispy corona--I know they vary per eclipse--I think

I didn't register the temp dropping as the moon covered more of the sun, just that I wasn't sweltering anymore and I was feeling really comfortable, so it probably dropped 20 degrees from the 90's to the 70's. Afterwards, when D mentioned it, I was "oh yeah, the temp did drop!"

What was very wonderful is that just before totality, the cicadas in the beautiful Spanish Moss adorned pines and oaks behind us started singing.--so we got the critter special effects as well.

The clouds were pretty sunset on the horizon. We didn't see a lot of stars come out. The brightest one was way off to the right at 3 o'clock--west--I wonder if it was Jupiter or Venus? There was a dim star very close to the eclipse at 11 o'clock--was that mercury?

Another cool thing is before the totality, I remembered to run up and look at the sand under a tree on the edge of the beach and saw tons of tiny crescent suns reflected through the leaves--got pics of those I will post when I can upload them. Thank you [personal profile] spiralsheep for turning me on to that--an awesome special effect. I might have seen some of the pre-eclipse gravity bands on a light gray metal sheets on the pier, but I'm not sure.

As the eclipse receded, the sky looked very dark southeast of us over the lake--I wondered if we were seeing the shadow falling on the clouds out toward Charleston and the shoreline--where it was reported to be cloudy--I don't know if anyone got to see it there--haven't had time to look at reports.

We were so lucky because there were clouds that at times totally obscured the sun as it was receding. D thinks she saw reflections of the moon's face (the man in the moon) on the sun's surface as the moon was receding.

It wasn't a life changing experience, maybe because I'm so wowed by so many of nature's details that many people don't take time to notice--(Eee to see palm trees out in the wild and Spanish moss again!), but it makes me feel very lucky and grateful because it would have been so easy for the view to have eluded us behind chance clouds that were so near. And it has been such a fun adventure to have.

And I have a wonderful new petsitter who spent the night with my cats, and Tuxie slept against her, so finally knowing I can leave my cats in security is kind of a life changing thing for me I haven't had for many years.

I will post more about this brief but wonderful adventure with pics in another post. I hope those of you who could catch the eclipse enjoyed. The viewing glasses we have now make watching even the partial eclipse so much cooler than when I was a kid. And yay for the wonderful NASA feeds--it was so cool to watch Oregon get their totality on screen just as ours was beginning outside while we were finishing lunch in The LakeHouse. What a great day! We were so lucky! Goodnight, my friends! <3<3<3
It's been so long since I've given a good update and I've missed so many birthdays. I keep hoping to post belated birthday pic spams, but I'm just going to give a shout out now before it's next year:

Happy Belated Birthdays to my dear friends [personal profile] hanarobi, [livejournal.com profile] addie71, [livejournal.com profile] jan_u_wine, [livejournal.com profile] julchen11, and any of my flisties I missed the last few months!

The US Coast to Coast Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st! So has everyone in the US gotten their eclipse glasses? I got certified American Paper Optics glasses on eBay and they came in the mail this week. Is anyone in the Path of Totality? Is anyone making plans to travel to it? I've seen partial eclipses before and wasn't impressed, but only learned the last few months that you only get the good special effects if you are in the Path of Totality and even 99.999% won't compare. The closest vantage is 8 hours south from where I live and I've been making tentative plans to drive down. But it all depends on the weather, kitty health, and the shape my achy foot is in. Anyone else planning on traveling to see it?

Much to report but I'll suffice with telling you about my friend D's 65th birthday bash last Saturday in the yard of her farmhouse out west of Baltimore. She hired our favorite local band ilyAMY to play a 3 hour set, and they were wonderful as always and enjoyed the Shire-like setting. I've been meaning to see them for years, but only first saw them last November, when I really needed them, for national reasons you can guess, and it really helped. Anyway, there were tons of cake and food, and more wine and beer, and to top off the hobbitiness, she had some grand fireworks, and people sent off burning lanterns into the sky. It was beautiful. Thank goodness we had a deluge for a couple of days that only ended a couple of hours before the party to keep all foliage moist and keep the celebration from burning the whole damned countryside down, because they would have sent them off anyway if it was dry--yoy! The party was in the middle of my Tuxie-medicating time, so I missed the first couple of hours, unfortunately, but I still had a really fun time. I enjoyed helping break things down and cleaning up and got to chat with some of the band and D's friends at the end. Most fun I've had in a long time. It was glorious.

Also glorious were the peach melba bonbon's that just came in the mail from the most generous and talented chef [personal profile] minoanmiss. <3 OMG, they were yummy and it's astonishing how quickly they disappeared! Those sweets made up for a really frustrating week of customer service annoyances, scam artist encounters, foot aches, and such draws on my time and energy, and together with the spring-like weather today in my beautiful town and purring kitties, life is good.

And thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions on getting a new cellphone a while back. I got an iPhone 7 Plus I am happy with. if you'd like to call or text me, please send me a PM or email and I'll give you the number.

Lots more to tell, but time for bed. Goodnight!
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( Aug. 5th, 2017 08:43 pm)
Happy Birthday, Febobe!!! I hope it is full of love and your favorite yummies!!!!

Here is a passion flower to celebrate your day, blooming by the lake here last month:

*many hugs*


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